Friday, September 5, 2014

Wardrobe Organization: The Process

I was planning to wait to write a blog post or post a video on my YouTube channel once I had completed the task of reorganizing my wardrobe/closet/dresser. However, this daunting process is taking some time (in part because I am not really accomplishing much each day). Originally, I thought that I would reserve a day or two to solely work on my closet. I realized that I would keep putting it off if that was my plan and thus, I began my reorganization process (slowly). I find that it is important to do a closet cleaning every six months to one year. Six months is preferable and I attempted to do a spring cleaning--however, I never started and now it is becoming autumn. 

It has been a year now since I last sorted through all of my clothing. I had just moved and I still had some ancient garments (hello prom dresses). I donated a number of items, however, I managed to accumulate some more in the past twelve months. 

For this clean out, I took some tips from a recent read by Lauren Conrad. Her advice has honestly made a huge difference in this process. She first suggests having various trash bags, tote bags, and a suitcase for different articles of clothing. I have been dividing mine somewhat differently. I have one trash bag for pieces that are completely falling apart and worthless to anyone. My second trash bag is reserved for donation pieces. My tote bag is for items that a friend may like; these tend to be pieces that no longer fit me properly. Finally, I have a box for items that I cannot bear to part with that I will temporarily store under my bed and reevaluate in six months. Of course, many items that I still love and wear frequently will just head back into my closet. She also says that you must try on every single item. I did not realize what a difference that tip would make. I have been forcing myself to try on every item, even if I wore it in the past month. I see how pieces fit and think about how I could incorporate them into an outfit. I am also trying to start using an app that will allow me to make a "wardrobe" in pictures and create outfits (Cher's closet anyone?). 

I am also trying to make seasonal pieces visible. The Ikea wardrobe (shown above) is more accessible than my closet (which is obviously in the wall). I am putting fall and winter items in this Ikea wardrobe and putting summer clothing away in the closet. 

This is as far as I have gotten. I will be back with more updates as I progress and perhaps I will create a video once I am completely done. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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