Monday, November 3, 2014

Five Favorites: October Moments

October was a strange month for me this year. The first half of the month was great and filled with fun memories. Last week, we lost a member of our family. This completely shocked me, as it came out of nowhere and happened so quickly. To be honest, it felt quick and slow at the exact same time. But I do want to reflect on the good October moments that I will cherish in the future. Here are five favorites from October 2014:

1. Izzie

Obviously my new cat, Izzie had to be number one on my list. We adopted Izzie from an animal care center at the beginning of the month. We chose this facility specifically because they do not have a no kill policy and we wanted to save the life of an animal. Izzie is sweet and playful. She is still adjusting to our home and is not allowed outside yet. I especially love her mixed coloring. I am so happy we found her!

2. My Hair Cut

Towards the beginning of the month, I chopped several inches off. It was such a freeing feeling and I love the look of short hair. My hair feels completely refreshed and polished. I am loving my new hair and highly recommend it to anyone contemplating a major hair cut. 

3. Napa

Joe and I went to Napa for a friend's birthday celebration. Although I live relatively close to Napa, I have never been. We were fortunate to get a free tasting at one of the wineries because his friends live in Napa. It was a gorgeous and warm Sunday afternoon and we had a ton of fun. 

4. The Weekend Getaway

Last weekend, Joe and I whisked off for a weekend getaway. We enjoyed two days in our college town, where we went to the beach, pumpkin patch, apple picking, and wine tasting. We also had a date night in which we got sushi and saw St. Vincent (definitely recommend seeing it!). It was much needed and a great distraction from the real world. 

5. Pumpkin Carving 

This is a tradition that Joe and I started two years ago. We put some apple cider on the stove, turn on The Nightmare Before Christmas and carve some pumpkins. We didn't go for anything too fancy this year but we did save the seeds and actually baked them! It is something I look forward to every year and it makes for a really nice night. 

Those were my favorite moments from the month. What are some of your favorite October moments?

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