Monday, November 10, 2014

LUSH Christmas Bath Products

LUSH can be a simultaneously joyous and overwhelming place around the holidays. I find myself planning out my purchases before even stepping foot in the shop. On Friday, I took my second trip to LUSH this holiday season. I cleverly maneuvered my way around the store amidst bath bomb demonstrations and overly excitable employees. I left, bag in hand, thrilled for my upcoming soaks in the tub. 

Pumpkin Bubble Bar

This glittery mess is a repurchase. I popped into a LUSH a month ago and I bought this little gem. I quickly used this bubble bar and was delighted with my bathing experience. This pumpkin has very fine glitter, which does not stick to the tub thankfully. I am happy to have this guy back in my life. 

Angel Bubble Bar

I was drawn to this festive bath goodie upon watching various LUSH hauls on YouTube. I knew this was a must-have item for me, as it also has fine glitter and will get me in the Christmas spirit. I plan to use this little angel in my next bath!

Wizard Bubble Bar

During my first LUSH holiday trip, I was enticed by this wizard bubble bar. The employees at LUSH convinced me to get him and I am glad I did. He created a "magical" bath (haha, get it?) and I wished I had several more of him. I am excited to have him back in my life and I can see buying more this winter. 

Little Snow Fairy Gift Set

I had been on the hunt for the Snow Fairy Shower Gel, as it is all the hype amongst the YouTube community. Unfortunately, this shop was sold out of the smallest size (3.3 fluid ounces). This shower gel is not the cheapest and I wanted to try it out before committing to a larger size; I also have far too much shower gel. One of the employees led me to the Little Snow Fairy Gift Set. It didn't cost much more than the smallest bottle and it came with a 3.5 oz package of pink Fun. I bought the larger size of Fun on my last LUSH trip but haven't tried it out yet. I look forward to trying out both products. 

Have you purchased anything from LUSH recently? What should I pick up next?

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