Wednesday, December 31, 2014

NYE Makeup Look

I have created my ideal New Year's Eve makeup look using some of the products given to me in my recent swap. My friend, Rita, was kind enough to send me some incredible products all the way from Portugal! Here is what I have come up with (and I have also incorporated some products I already owned):

I started out by priming my eyelids with my current obsession: Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Candlelight. This gives you a lovely base and allows your shadow to stay on all night without creasing. It has a nice gold sheen, which makes this product ideal for NYE. 

KIKO Eyeshadow in 208

Next I went in all over my lids with my new KIKO eyeshadow. This gorgeous gold shadow is the perfect shade for this fun evening. Bonus: these eyeshadows are highly pigmented and long-wearing; they can also be used wet or dry.

It is no surprise that I had to reach for my trusty eyeliner to create the perfect wing for tonight's look. This eyeliner is my go-to for looks that last all night. 

For some voluminous lashes, I went with the obvious choice. The Miss Manga mascara gives me that  "clumpy in the best way possible" kind of look. And I am all over it. After several coats, my eyes are ready to go.

Moving right along with foundation. The NARS Sheer Glow was an obvious choice. It is my ultimate foundation pick for the wintertime because I do not want my skin to look too matte and dull. This foundation gives me just the right amount of coverage too. 

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in 1 (Fair)

To conceal any blemishes or redness, I am reaching for my handy new concealer from Rita. This is great because it is a bit of a higher coverage concealer and blends seamlessly into my skin. 

Bourjois Bronzer + Highlighter Duo

I had to use this chocolate-scented duo to give me a bit of a glow. Even if it is the dead of winter, I don't want my skin to reflect that. This bronzer-highlighter combo is quickly winning a place in my heart. 

To add a little warmth to the cheeks, I went for this Hourglass blush. I am aiming for that "I just returned from a walk in the snow and my cheeks are flushed" look (a mere dream in California). This is not only the ultimate winter blush but the ultimate NYE blush as well. 

Tanya Burr Lipgloss in Chic

To round things off, I topped my lips with my new Tanya Burr lipgloss. I went for a nude lip with this look to leave focus on the eyes. This lipgloss is not only good for a night out but for everyday use as well. 

What products are you reaching for this New Year's Eve?

Be safe. Have fun. Happy New Year!

Monday, December 29, 2014

What I Got For Christmas 2014!

I am a huge fan of what the ever so popular "What I Got For Christmas" videos on YouTube. As opposed to filming my own, I decided to create a blogpost showing what I was lucky enough to receive this Christmas. This post is not meant as a brag. I am just a naturally nosey person and love seeing what others got for Christmas so I thought you may enjoy seeing what I got as well.

First off, I received two silk sleeping masks from my mom. I have horrible insomnia, in large part due to my late night worrying. I am also incredibly sensitive to light as so I absolutely must sleep with a sleeping mask on. Every. Single. Night. I tend to buy cheap, low quality masks so she decided she would get me some nicer sleeping masks. I absolutely adore them and they make me feel quite Breakfast at Tiffany's esque. 

My mother also got me this Tocca Meet The Girls fragrance set from Sephora. She loves to get me products from Sephora because she knows how frequently I shop there. She doesn't often buy me specific makeup since I have, well, a lot of makeup and therefore, she leans towards fragrances. This beautiful set comes with 10 different scents and I have given them all a sniff (I can't find one I don't like!). I can't wait to start using these lovely rollerballs. 

My dad got me these Lululemon running crops. I adore Lululemon and used to (sometimes) spend my entire paycheck on their garments in college. I purchased these pants way back when in 2012; the model was slightly different at the time. Recently, after wearing them to death, a gapping hole appeared in the pants. Sadly, I knew it was time to give them up. Fortunately I have been reunited with a similar pair this Christmas. 

My dad also selected this cookbook from one of my favorite restaurants, Tacolicious. This upscale taco restaurant started in San Francisco and I am a regular customer. My dad said he bought this in hopes that I would cook for him (we'll see about that). Joe and I have already tested out the old-school tacos and they were amazing. 

As some of you already know, I received this present early. This beautiful camera was another gift from my parents. I told my dad how I wanted to vlog leading up to Christmas and he bought me the camera I desperately wanted. This is the Canon S120. It is great! I can connect to wifi so you can send and print pictures; I have to admit I haven't tried out that function yet. It also has a touch screen, which is fantastic for focusing. 

Joe got me this tea book as part of my gift. I wanted a 'create your own tea' kind of set. Unfortunately, most of those kits come primarily with black tea and I generally don't drink black tea. Instead Joe got me a book about blending my own teas and a stainless steel strainer for my Keurig (not pictured as it is currently dirty). He also got me a beautiful bow bracelet (see my Feeling Festive post). 

Another early Christmas present was my sleek iPhone 6! I did an entire video dedicated to this sweet item so feel free to watch it here

My cousin/aunt/uncle got me some bath bombs from LUSH for my frequent bubble baths. They both smell incredible! 

This final gift I was incredibly excited about. This is also from my cousin/aunt/uncle, although I am fairly certain my cousin selected my gifts. She got me a teakwood bath caddy (I had told her how much I wanted one). The arms extend (not shown in the photo) and it fits perfectly in my bath. On the right hand side, there is a spot for your soap (the holes are for any liquid to drain into the tub). On the left, there are hooks for your razor and loofah. The loofah pictured on top was knitted for me by my cousin! It is reusable and I can toss it into the washing machine. On the left there is also a spot for your wine glass, if you are so inclined. Finally there is a stand in the center that goes up to hold a magazine or book. I am resisting the urge to put my iPad on the caddy. 

Those are the gifts I was lucky enough to receive this Christmas. 

What did you get?!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Feeling Festive

At Christmas time, I always reach for products that make me feel glamourous. I like to get a little festive and sparkly with my makeup. As I select products to wear tomorrow, a few jump out at me as must-haves. 

LUSH Santa's Lip Scrub

A vibrant lipstick is always a must in the dead of winter. However, in order to have a seamless application, a lip scrub is completely essential. I personally love this festive scrub from LUSH. Santa's lip scrub is created with cherries and dates--I really enjoy the sweet scent. LUSH makes incredible lip scrubs so I highly recommend checking them out. 

A red lip is necessary throughout the holiday. MAC's Ruby Woo is a classic red. Being a matte lipstick, it is drying (this one is particularly so). For that reason, I make sure to moisturize my lips before I start my makeup. As it is a bold lipstick, I start off with a lip liner to trace the outline of my lips as well as lightly shading them in before going in with Ruby Woo. This lipstick is gorgeous and 100% necessary for Christmas. 

Beautiful blushes are another essential item for my holiday makeup looks. The Hourglass Ambient Blushes are my current favorite blushes. This palette comes with three stunning options. My most-used is the shade mood exposure. It will give your cheeks that flushed "I just walked through the snow" look. I can't get enough. 

Recently I have been all about this eyeshadow primer. It is the ideal product for the holiday season or a lazy girl who wants to look glam. This primer has a bit of a sheen to it so it enhances whatever shadow you're wearing. My favorite combination is pairing this product with the Stila eyeshadow in Kitten. 

Can we all agree that a shimmery eyeshadow is necessary for the perfect holiday look? The Naked 3 Palette was my go-to last year and I have jumped back into it this year. This palette has 12 unique shades, most of which contains some shimmer. There are a few mattes thrown in for good measure. Dust is my favorite shade to pop all over the lid and you can often find me using Trick in my crease. This is one of my all time favorite palettes. 

Sally Hansen Big Glitter Nail Color in Dressed to Kill

Let's move onto nails, shall we? My Christmas nails will have glitter on them, without question. I haven't painted mine yet but tonight I will be prepping my nails for the festivities tomorrow. I know glitter nail polish will play a role in my prep. This particular rose gold color is the ultimate selection. 

Gift From My Boyfriend

Last night my boyfriend gave me this beautiful bow bracelet. This piece appeals to me because it is delicate and girly. It is the optimal piece for the Christmas festivities because it is elegant yet minimal. I like to be a bit bolder with my makeup and keep my jewelry simple. 

What are your favorite festive products?

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

What's On My iPhone 6?! [Video]

I love watching these videos for two reasons. First reason being that I am incredibly nosey. The second reason is that I always discover new apps. Usually I will find apps that make my life just a little bit easier by helping me stay organized or have fun. The holiday season can be a stressful time of year. Hopefully you will discover some new apps from my phone that you can try out. 

Click here to watch this video now!

What's on your iPhone?!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

All About That Bass | Current Foundation Picks

I switch up my foundation. A lot. I am always amped to test out new foundations because I feel like my skin is constantly changing. Recently my skin has been rather dry, partially due to the changes in weather. With my drier skin, I don't tend to experience many breakouts. For this reason, I tend to gravitate towards BB creams and light-weight foundations. 

This BB cream was one of the items in my Sephora Favorites (value set) last fall. I wore this product almost daily for several months until I went on a foundation spree and began testing out far too many new options. This little product fell to the back of my face products drawer and I completely forgot about it. I rediscovered this BB cream last month and I can't put it down. It evens out my complexion and gives me just a hint of coverage. I wear this with a bit of concealer on my under eye circles and I am all set. 

My current favorite foundation. Where has this product been my whole life?! This gives my skin a flawless look, while looking like I am not wearing any foundation. This foundation is medium coverage and still requires a little concealer for problem areas. I am glad I discovered this foundation around the winter time because this makes my skin a bit dewy, which is exactly what I am going for at the moment. I highly recommend this product to anyone with dry or combination skin. Side note: this is a matte option as well. 

My drugstore pick. This foundation truly is fabulous. It has been a go-to product for me for nearly a year now. Whenever I want my skin to look perfect, I reach for this. Covergirl did something very right with this product. This is another medium coverage foundation with a price tag that won't break the bank. In my opinion, this product is great for any skin type. The other upside: this comes in a wide range of shades so you shouldn't have any trouble hunting down your ideal color. 

What is your current favorite foundation?

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Travel Skincare Musts

I am whisking off to Las Vegas early this morning for a four day holiday. My best friend, Aimee, is turning 25! Of course we must celebrate the occasion in style. Vegas can be taxing on the skin so I am equipped with some skincare essentials to combat any issues. 

Starting with the basics, I must always have a good cleanser. The First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay is right up my alley. After cleansing my face, I go in with a moisturizer with SPF in the day time. My current pick is the First Aid Beauty 5 in 1 Face Cream with SPF 30. For night time, I opt for a more hydrating moisturizer. I am going with the Pur-lisse Hydra-Balance Moisturizer

To battle my under eye circles in the morning, I must have an eye cream by my side. The Origins GinZing is a prime choice, as it actual contains caffeine and has a bit of a sheen to brighten up that area. 

After a full day of wearing makeup (and possibly a late night), I need something quick and easy to rid me of the mess on my face. Yes To has incredibly soothing cucumber facial towelettes that even come in a travel pack. I pair these with the Simple Eye Makeup Remover Pads for that pesky eyeliner and mascara. 

I have been experiencing a few breakouts recently. My weapon of choice is always the LUSH Grease Lightening. It contains tea tree and witch hazel. This essentially dries out my spots. Always works like a charm!

Now I can't forget the miscellaneous products. A shower gel is always nice and helps me smell luscious for my evenings out. I am bringing along The Body Shop Cranberry Body Wash, as it is festive! After my shower, I make sure to moisturize the rest of my body. I will be lathering up my legs and arms with this Bath & Body Works Body Lotion. And while I am out and about, I like to keep my hands nice and clean. It is a good habit when you travel. I am tucking away a Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer in my purse for needed occasions. 

What are your travel skincare must have products?

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Five Festive Lip Picks

Headed to a holiday party this weekend? Regardless of your ensemble, I have the perfect lip color for you. 

Whenever I wear a bold eye look, I tend to gravitate towards a more neutral lip. MAC Creme Cup is the ultimate nude lipstick. It pairs perfectly with a smokey eye or glittery look. 

Bonus: this lipstick is great year round. It can be worn out to lunch or in the office. Take your pick. 

Looking for that wine-stained feel? This Wet N Wild balm stain is the ideal option. This balm stain will stay in place through the holiday party snacking. It is incredibly wearable in any situation, making it a great choice for parties and holiday shopping. 

I wear this one when I want to feel festive but don't want to put a lot of effort into maintaining my lip color throughout the day. If that doesn't sway you, also take note that this product is from the drugstore and is ultra affordable. 

For the girl who wants a little sparkle, look no further. This lipstick is very pigmented and very festive! 

This shade is exceptional for any holiday activities. 

Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Pomegranate 

The classic red option is always necessary when considering holiday lip colors. I am a huge fan of these Bite Beauty Pencils from their holiday set this year. This color is the ideal red for those festive occasions. Pair this lip with another red accent piece (red heels perhaps?) and you are ready to celebrate the season. 

This is my personal favorite pick. 

Sometimes a pop of color is necessary for the perfect holiday look. This lipstick makes a great statement lip. It is an excellent choice because it can spice up any neutral outfit. 

Go for this shade on a dreary day that could use a little color. 

What are your festive lip picks?

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