Monday, December 29, 2014

What I Got For Christmas 2014!

I am a huge fan of what the ever so popular "What I Got For Christmas" videos on YouTube. As opposed to filming my own, I decided to create a blogpost showing what I was lucky enough to receive this Christmas. This post is not meant as a brag. I am just a naturally nosey person and love seeing what others got for Christmas so I thought you may enjoy seeing what I got as well.

First off, I received two silk sleeping masks from my mom. I have horrible insomnia, in large part due to my late night worrying. I am also incredibly sensitive to light as so I absolutely must sleep with a sleeping mask on. Every. Single. Night. I tend to buy cheap, low quality masks so she decided she would get me some nicer sleeping masks. I absolutely adore them and they make me feel quite Breakfast at Tiffany's esque. 

My mother also got me this Tocca Meet The Girls fragrance set from Sephora. She loves to get me products from Sephora because she knows how frequently I shop there. She doesn't often buy me specific makeup since I have, well, a lot of makeup and therefore, she leans towards fragrances. This beautiful set comes with 10 different scents and I have given them all a sniff (I can't find one I don't like!). I can't wait to start using these lovely rollerballs. 

My dad got me these Lululemon running crops. I adore Lululemon and used to (sometimes) spend my entire paycheck on their garments in college. I purchased these pants way back when in 2012; the model was slightly different at the time. Recently, after wearing them to death, a gapping hole appeared in the pants. Sadly, I knew it was time to give them up. Fortunately I have been reunited with a similar pair this Christmas. 

My dad also selected this cookbook from one of my favorite restaurants, Tacolicious. This upscale taco restaurant started in San Francisco and I am a regular customer. My dad said he bought this in hopes that I would cook for him (we'll see about that). Joe and I have already tested out the old-school tacos and they were amazing. 

As some of you already know, I received this present early. This beautiful camera was another gift from my parents. I told my dad how I wanted to vlog leading up to Christmas and he bought me the camera I desperately wanted. This is the Canon S120. It is great! I can connect to wifi so you can send and print pictures; I have to admit I haven't tried out that function yet. It also has a touch screen, which is fantastic for focusing. 

Joe got me this tea book as part of my gift. I wanted a 'create your own tea' kind of set. Unfortunately, most of those kits come primarily with black tea and I generally don't drink black tea. Instead Joe got me a book about blending my own teas and a stainless steel strainer for my Keurig (not pictured as it is currently dirty). He also got me a beautiful bow bracelet (see my Feeling Festive post). 

Another early Christmas present was my sleek iPhone 6! I did an entire video dedicated to this sweet item so feel free to watch it here

My cousin/aunt/uncle got me some bath bombs from LUSH for my frequent bubble baths. They both smell incredible! 

This final gift I was incredibly excited about. This is also from my cousin/aunt/uncle, although I am fairly certain my cousin selected my gifts. She got me a teakwood bath caddy (I had told her how much I wanted one). The arms extend (not shown in the photo) and it fits perfectly in my bath. On the right hand side, there is a spot for your soap (the holes are for any liquid to drain into the tub). On the left, there are hooks for your razor and loofah. The loofah pictured on top was knitted for me by my cousin! It is reusable and I can toss it into the washing machine. On the left there is also a spot for your wine glass, if you are so inclined. Finally there is a stand in the center that goes up to hold a magazine or book. I am resisting the urge to put my iPad on the caddy. 

Those are the gifts I was lucky enough to receive this Christmas. 

What did you get?!


  1. That bath caddy!!!! :) I must have! So cute Mollie!


    1. It seriously makes me want to take a bath every night! I highly recommend getting one! The one I got was Blissful Bath Teak Tub Caddy :) Enjoy!

  2. You got some really cute gifts:) started following you on bloglovin:)


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