Monday, January 26, 2015

Combatting Dry Skin This Winter

My skin has not been enjoying the dry weather recently. I've noticed a dry patch on my cheek that just does not want to go away. Although I am used to my skin drying out a bit during the winter months, this year has been significantly worse for me. 

My skin has transitioned from combination to dry over the past two years. I struggled with a little bit of acne in my teenage years and my skin calmed down over my college time. As soon as I graduated, my skin began to transform again--it slowly became more and more dry. Now with winter upon us, my skin is bone dry. I have found a few products that seem to help sort things out. 

This product is a life saver. It is my go-to daily moisturizer. As you can see from the much loved bottle, this product is one of my favorites. This hydrates my skin like no other moisturizer does. It also has an SPF of 30, which is essential in my morning skincare routine. I even included repurchasing this product as an exception in my 100 Day Beauty Spending Ban (which is going swimmingly by the way!). I don't leave the house without this on my face. 

Nourish Organic Renewing Eye Cream

I have been reaching for this eye cream for the past month or so. It is ideal for normal to dry skin and it came to me in my December Ipsy. This product contains avocado oil, argan oil, and shea butter, which make it ultra moisturizing. 

To pump some hydration back into my skin, I reach for the GLAMGLOW Thristymud Hydrating Treatment. This mask is great for getting my skin that boost it needs. I leave this mask on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing it off and applying a follow-up product. 

I used to think that argan oil was only meant for hair. I was totally wrong. For the past year or so, I will occasionally pop this onto my skin after cleansing at night. Even for those with acne-prone skin, this product will work wonders. It does not feel greasy on the skin but sinks in and offers ultimate hydration. 

What products do you reach for in the winter months?


  1. Nice blog post on dry skin treatment. Obagi Products for dry skin one of the best alternative in this regard.

  2. Oh thank you, I will definitely check them out! :)


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