Monday, January 5, 2015

Discovering YouTube // Inspiration

With each passing day, I am more and more grateful for a new year. 2014 was rocky for me and although we are only a few days in, 2015 looks much more promising. Recently, I have become very inspired to make some changes in my life. This is partially due to the new year and the whole new year, new you trend. It is also because I have drawn a lot of inspiration from a number of sources. In particular, I have been truly inspired by several people I watch on YouTube.

YouTube came to during a down time in my life. I stumbled upon a beauty video while on the couch, recovering from a back injury in 2012. It was the summer before my last year of college. The academic year prior had been an amazing year for me until I injured my back. I had run my first half marathon, improved my grades, and had begun doing CrossFit. In the spring of 2012, I sustained an injury from CrossFit that I still deal with today. I now have a bulged disc in my spine and consistently have pain from it. Although it has improved greatly, it has changed my life forever. On that hot day in August, when everyone was out enjoying the sun, I was trapped on my couch. I grabbed my laptop and scrolled through Tumblr. I randomly came across an account I liked and headed to the user's profile. In this gal's profile I saw a link to YouTube, which I clicked. This took me to a number of beauty videos. I began watching one after another and I thought this girl on YouTube was pretty cool. I was completely unaware that an entire community of girls just like her existed. Periodically I would check back and watch whatever new videos came about from this gal. 

Around Christmas time, I was sitting about during my break and some video suggestions appeared on my YouTube screen. Excited to now learn that one other person out their created similar videos, I clicked on one and was led to a whole other world. I found more and more girls (and guys) who created content on YouTube. I learned that people sometimes get paid for their work and that some people post every single day. I subscribed to tons of girls and watched my subscription box fill up. On the days my back hurt a lot, I would watch YouTube videos and my mood would instantly improve. I started getting makeup and skincare recommendations from these girls I'd never met but fully trusted. My interest in beauty and my makeup collection grew significantly. 

Two and a half years later, here I am. I am making my own videos and I still use YouTube to improve my mood on a bad day. I gather a lot of inspiration from the individuals I watch. I find a lot of joy in the world of YouTube. The past year was rough for me but YouTube was one of the things that helped me stay sane. I have been more inspired in the past few weeks than I felt in the past year. 

The source of my inspiration constantly changes. I become transfixed with a particular channel or blog and follow bits of their wisdom to improve my own life. I want to start sharing my favorite YouTubers and bloggers on my blog on a regular basis. I truly believe that I will have different people I am learning from every year, month and even, week. 

Today, I am sharing my three current favorite YouTube channels. I have a lot of channels I watch and adore but these are my current most-inspiring picks. 

VasseurBeauty // Image from Twitter

Brittany is a lovely girl, who has been making videos on YouTube for roughly a year. Her mother owns a skincare company called Vasseur Skincare. Brittany makes beauty-related videos as well as DIY and cooking videos. She recently got engaged on a surprise trip to Aspen! After a sleigh ride through the snow! #relationshipgoals I have gotten so many wonderful ideas from her. Joe and I recreated her DIY movie night and made a blanket fort and homemade was so much fun! Brittany has another great video where she goes through her process for making a vision board; I tried to make one last year but never really got too enthusiastic about it. I am now pinning ideas for my 2015 vision board on Pinterest per her recommendation. Also, she recently started a blog. 

Here are my favorite videos from Brittany: 

Nikki Phillippi // Image from Twitter

Nikki has been on YouTube for a while now so I am certain you know who this gal is. My favorite thing about Nikki is her energy and genuine excitement about life. She is very upfront about the struggles in her personal life and is a truly authentic personality on YouTube. The internet can be full of people pretending to act a certain way (we all want to appear more perfect than we are) but I honestly think that Nikki is being true to herself on camera. The reason I find Nikki inspiring is because she talks about the tough topics while also giving us advice on happiness. I am particularly enjoying her #howtobehappyjanuary series (I believe this is the second year she has done it). Her first few videos weren't necessary about positive topics but as she mentioned, you need to reflect on the harder times in life to move on and appreciate the better times (those weren't her exact words but hopefully you get the idea). She has tons of creative recipes and DIYs as well as beauty and fashions that I just love. From a background where I've had self-doubt and insecurities about myself and my body, I find Nikki a positive role model. 

Here are my favorite videos from Nikki:
Healthy Late Night Snack Ideas:
How I Get Motivated in the Morning:

Rachel Talbott // Image from Twitter

My final pick was a YouTuber who has inspired me consistently for months now. I discovered Rachel's channel over a year ago and have watched regularly ever since. Over the time that I have "known" Rachel, she has transformed from a glowing pregnant gal to a sophisticated mother. Her son, Oliver, is a year now! So crazy! What I adore about Rachel is how organized and put-together she is. She is my organization idol. For being a relatively new mom, she has it down. She is married to an awesome guy, Byron, who makes insane pastries and other delicious looking dishes. Another thing I love about Rachel is how calming her voice is; is that weird to mention? There are certain people I put on my de-stress bubble bath video playlist and she is someone I go to time and time again. I feel slightly better about my life when I watch her videos. 

Here are my favorite videos from Rachel:
Life Planning & Getting Organized:
Head to Toe Pampering for a Big Event:

I realize this post was super long! I hope you enjoyed this and find some inspiration in the people I mentioned. 

Who inspires you?

Sincerely, Mollie Rose

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