Monday, January 12, 2015

Must Make: Lemon Drizzle Cake

The bulk of the recipes and DIYs I make come from fellow bloggers and YouTubers. I am often amazed at how well these recipes and projects turn out. I want to start sharing things that I have tried and loved. Tonight was a prime example of why I should continue to test out new recipes. 

This morning I went to a yoga class before work. Apparently I showed up on the right day because a fellow student brought in Meyer lemons from her tree to share with the class. If you've never had a Meyer lemon before, it is a hybrid of a lemon and an orange; it is essentially a slightly sweeter lemon. Without hesitation, I knew I needed to finally test out this recipe: I made the lemon drizzle cake from Vivianna Does Makeup. This is the best lemon cake you will ever try. I promise. She brought this recipe to us over the summer and I am so thankful that I finally tried it! 

This is such an exceptional cake because it is incredibly moist yet the drizzle has a bit of a crisp texture. The flavors explode in your mouth and the Meyer lemon gives the cake a nice kick. It is decadent and filled with butter--just a warning. I recommend a small piece and storing the rest in an air tight container. This would be the perfect cake to serve at a tea party. I am planning to share a (small) piece with Joe tomorrow. 

Have you tried this recipe before? 

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