Thursday, January 15, 2015

Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale

For some reason, I can never resist the Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale. I have made a purchase every sale since I started high school. Even during my periods of not being as obsessed with Victoria's Secret, I still would purchase basic bras during this sale. This year I was greatly looking forward to the sale. I purchased a bunch of comfy tops last winter and hoped to score some more this year at a great price. I am very pleased with my purchases which I have used a ton in the past week. 

I have already managed to get two stains on this oversized top from Pink. This is how much I love it. I have worn this around the house, at the gym, and while ruining errands. It is fantastic because it covers you backside and makes wearing leggings no big deal. It is vibrant so assumed I would only wear it at home. I was wrong. I wore it out to the gym yesterday morning. This was such a great purchase. 

The softest bathrobe ever. I initially went into VS looking for a new bathrobe. I love my blue one--I've sure you've seen it in one of my morning time videos. But I wear it to death and it gets really warm during the summer. Although this new robe is still ultra fuzzy and will most likely keep me warm, it is much shorter in length. I am thoroughly enjoying this robe. 

I purchased these sweatpants because I often work from home. For these occasions, I need sweatpants. It gets a little old wearing your pajamas until the middle of the afternoon (not to mention you feel like a slob). Although sweatpants aren't much better, at least I feel more like I am wearing real clothes and let's be honest...I'm not putting on a dress and heels at home so sweatpants it is. 

Finally: the greatest leggings of all time. These are fleece on the inside so they keep you nice and warm. The material of these leggings is incredibly comfortable and stretchy. They are not sheer at all, which is great news for working out. I have worn them four times in the past week. It's insane. These leggings are by far the best purchase I have made in a while. 

I excluded bras from this post because honestly, I think it would be a little strange to include them. I will say that now is the time to stock up!

Did you get anything from the Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale?

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