Monday, March 9, 2015

March Goals | 2015

At this point in the year, we start to forget about our New Years Resolutions and fall off the bandwagon. Every year I have the false assumption that I will accomplish all of my yearly goals in the first month or two. Although I know this will never be the case, I have this fantasy of my perfect life. By the springtime, I have conveniently forgotten about my big goals. Right now, to be honest, I feel a little unfocused but I want to change that. To (hopefully) combat this issue, I wanted to come up with some smaller goals for the month of March. Without further ado...

Add another salad to my weekly menu | For my health
Get rid of my large collection of magazines | For my sanity 
Meal plan/organize my planner every Sunday | For my life 
Create more (DIY and/or art projects) | For my happiness

*The magazines may seem like a strangely specific goal. Note: I am the worst at finishing magazines and I have accumulated over 100 (my first step in getting rid of them was counting them....). People love to give me magazine subscriptions as gifts and I almost never finish them; I only really like two of the subscriptions. This month I am aiming to get rid of 25-26 per week and I am donating them to my local hospital (after removing my address of course). By completing this goal, I hope to feel motivated to start decluttering other areas of my home. 

Do you have any goals this month? 

I'd love to hear them!

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