Friday, May 29, 2015

Zoologico de Vallarta

One of the highlights of our trip to Puerto Vallarta was the zoo. Prior to our trip, my stylist mentioned  she recently visited Puerto Vallarta and I needed to check out the zoo. After some research, we were set on visiting. Upon our arrival, we learned that the zoo was just a 15 minute walk from our resort [Barcelo Puerto Vallarta]. 

On our third day of vacation, we ventured down the street to this unique zoo. Zoologico de Vallarta offers a few different packages when visiting their site. We opted for the Diamond package: admission, bag of animal food, two drinks [it is hot & humid], zoo t-shirt, zoo souvenir, and [the best part] time playing with baby animals; this package cost $85 USD. 

We spent two hours or so roaming through the exhibits. You follow a trail that leads you by all the animals. The bag of food explains which animals eat what [carrots, bread, pellets, asparagus, and peanuts]. We were able to fed the majority of the animals. My favorites were the giraffe and the monkeys. The giraffe and I had a Lady and the Tramp moment with a piece of asparagus. 

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The monkey decided he is my new boyfriend. When sharing peanuts with the monkeys, one wanted to hold hands with me. And only me. Sorry Joe.

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Saving the best for last. At the end of zoo, we were able to play with some cubs and monkeys. We were brought a baby tiger [1.5 weeks old], lion, jaguar, two monkeys and a lemur. The two employees seemed to handle the animals really well [all the animals in the zoo seemed well taken care of]. I was impressed. 

He wanted to eat my shoe!

We left with souvenirs and photos. We were definitely fully satisfied with our experience. 

If you are headed to Puerto Vallarta in the future, I highly recommend checking out this zoo. 

Have you visited the Zoologico de Vallarta? If so, did you enjoy your visit? 

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