Friday, June 5, 2015

Favorite TV Shows for Spring & Summer

Happy Friday! I thought it was time I shared an updated favorite TV show list for the current season. Some of these shows have wrapped up their seasons while some haven't begun their upcoming season. Here are my favorites:

Silicon Valley: I love this show. Joe and I discovered it a few months before the start of Season 2. As someone who grew up in the heart of Silicon Valley (and lives here today), I am amazed at how accurate a lot of the details surrounding start ups are. This show has such an entertaining cast. Erlich is my favorite character! And I have to say that this show probably has the least nudity and crude language of any of the HBO shows I watch. All around a great show!

Young and Hungry: I have been a fan since the first season aired last summer. This is a fun comedy show that is set in San Francisco. Gabi (Emily Osment) is working as a personal chef for a young and wealthy businessman, while she is incredibly broke. The show deals with her relationships: romantic, work, and friendships. The season just ended so you should be able to catch up on Netflix. 

Girls: This is not a new show to me [by any means] but it is an absolute favorite. Lena Dunham has slowly but surely become one of my favorite writers and people. This is such a creative and, at times, difficult show to watch. It deals with real issues which aren't always easy to address. The show also has a lighter side and the comedic elements are spot on. If you haven't seen the past four seasons, I highly recommend catching up on HBO Go

Younger: This show caught me off guard. Obviously I was a Hilary Duff fan back in the Lizzy McGuire days and was curious to see what new work she would create but I never expected to enjoy it as much as I have. The story is centered around a 40 year old mother and ex wife who needs to get back in the work force yet is discriminated against because of her age. She pretends to be a 26 year old to get a job as an assistant and truly gets into the role by making friends and dating. This is such a fun show. Make sure the watch the season finale on Tuesday on TV Land! 

Orange Is The New Black: My final favorite show has not even aired yet this year! OITNB is amazing. I was blown away by the first two seasons. Long story short, Piper has to spend about a year in a women's prison for a crime she was involved in over 10 years prior. This show is about her experiences and relationships throughout her time in prison. The show was based on a memoir written by Piper Kerman [the book is an excellent read]. Season Three airs 6/12 on Netflix so be ready!

What are your current favorite TV shows?

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