Tuesday, July 28, 2015

August Goals

I cannot believe that August is almost upon us! So much will be changing for me this month. For this reason, I find it particularly crucial to share some goals for the month. 

Move To New York! Ok this might be an obvious one because I have a plane ticket but I still wanted to include it (mainly because I'm excited!)

Vlog One Second Every Day I want to create another monthly mini vlog: My August In 31 Seconds, just as I did for May. I plan to share it on my second channel at the beginning of September.

Enjoy The Bliss Of Engagement When I told my friends and family about the proposal, everyone immediately asked all the standard questions. Have you set a date?! Where will you get married?! However one [recently married] friend simply said "enjoy the bliss of engagement". That comment stuck with me as I realized I don't need to plan every little detail right now. Joe and I are  doing just that. We are spending tons of time together just doing the things we love and enjoying each others company. Yes we are having an engagement party soon and yes I keep checking the guest list to see who has RSVPed but I am also taking time to celebrate Joe. And pinning all the gorgeous wedding dresses I can find.

Budget I haven't had to stick to a strict budget in the recent years. Now that I am embarking onto a great [and expensive] journey, I need to be on it. I will be using the Erin Condren budgeting book and I'm currently listening to an audiobook about finances. 

Meet New People This may not happen so much this month as I won't be moving until the second half of August but I really want to branch out and meet people. New York will be a whole new world and my graduate program will be filled with diverse individuals. I am on the shyer side so I really want to put myself out there and make some friends. 

What are your August goals?


  1. You set some great goals! It's gonna be an exciting month for you with moving to New York :)


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