Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How To Declutter Your Closet

With my upcoming move to New York I've had to start decluttering my closet. Unfortunately [or fortunately] I cannot pack a ton. I can only really bring the items I know I will wear. Having to switch to a more minimalistic mindset has helped me pair down my wardrobe and get rid of excess. There are a few tricks that have helped me declutter my closet. 

Try On Everything In Your Closet It is easy to see a piece and think you might wear it soon [even if you haven't worn it in a year]. If you force yourself to try on every item of clothing you own, you get a better sense as you whether or not you'll really wear this item again. I know I tossed some pieces simply because I didn't want to try them on [I knew I was over them]. You will also see how they fit--our bodies change. Certain clothing may not hang right anymore and needs to be removed from your closet. 

Sort Your Wardrobe Into Three Piles/Bags/Boxes You should create three categories for yourself: keep, donate/sell/give away, and trash. For pieces you try on and know you absolutely want to keep, add them to the keep pile. For items you don't want but are in perfectly good condition, add them to the donate pile [you can either donate, sell, or give to your friends]. Finally any damaged items can be tossed. I recommend selling items first [if you want to put the time into it]. I sold some clothing at Crossroads in Berkeley. Remember that some secondhand stores only take in season items [I walked away with two bags of heavy winter clothing that they didn't want to buy]. Then I recommend offering clothing/shoes/bags to friends and/or family. You can donate whatever they aren't interested in. For items you can't bare to part with yet: store them for six more months [maximum] before reevaluating. 

Does This Fit My Current Style? Make sure to evaluate if every piece fits your current style. In college I opted for brighter tops or short Forever 21 dresses for the bars. Nowadays my style has evolved and is more classic and a bit more conservative. 

Do I Have Something Else Like This? I am guilty of having far too many LBD. I am always on the hunt for that perfect dress and now I have close to ten in my closet. I've cleared out a few that I've had for too long and are simply falling apart. Too many similar items of clothing? Donate, sell, or give them to friends. 

Forget About What You Paid I often hold onto things because a) they were expensive or b) I haven't worn them [or at least not many times]. I've come to accept that these are terrible reasons for holding onto something that doesn't fit my needs or style. Remove anything from your closet that you don't see yourself wearing. You've already paid for it and you can no longer return it. It needs a new home. 

I hope these tips are helpful if you are trying to declutter your closet. 

Please leave any of your own tips in the comments!

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