Thursday, August 27, 2015

Exploring Manhattan.

Yesterday we decided to see where the day took us. We had plans to see the Statue of Liberty but it was a trek from our hotel room and didn't feel worthwhile. Instead I saw a bus that was heading to Midtown and we hopped on. Little did we know that the last stop would be right in the middle of the city, just a few blocks from Central Park. We opted to wonder around and take in the sights. 

We explored a part of town that we hadn't spent much time in. I managed to squeeze in a little shopping. Of course. We ended up in Central Park, where we parted ways. My mom chose to visit the Museum of the City of New York. I sprawled onto the green under a tree and read. 

Two years ago I visited New York for the first time. My favorite spot was Central Park. I observed all the locals, laying on the grass, basking in the sun. I daydreamed of doing the same. My dream came true today. And it felt great.

After my time in the park, I did a little more shopping [LUSH was calling my name] and grabbed a smoothie on the way to the subway. 

All in all it was a wonderful day. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Alice's Tea Cup

I popped into Alice's Tea Cup Chapter III the other day. I first discovered Alice's when Joe and I visited New York two years ago. It was a rainy Monday afternoon and we were on the hunt for afternoon tea. We spotted Alice's and enjoyed a leisurely meal. Little did we know but Alice's Tea Cup has three locations and are labeled as Chapter I, Chapter II, and Chapter III [we initially went to Chapter II]. 

When I realized how close I was to another Alice's location the other day, I knew I needed to take my mom. We strolled down from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and sipped tea in this quaint shop. 

This tucked-away spot is charming, with paintings and quotes along the ways. The staff was incredibly friendly and gave us the best recommendations. I opted for the Chocolate Caramel Roobios tea and my mom got the Bourbon Roobios. 

I also couldn't resist the chocolate cake with buttercream frosting [and it was well worth it!]. 

I cannot wait to go back for some tea and perhaps another treat. I highly recommend this tea shop if you live in or are visiting the New York City area!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Welcome To New York.


I have officially moved to New York City. My mom and I flew in on Saturday [she is helping me with my move]. We spent Sunday apartment hunting & fortunately found one [with the help of a broker]; the only downside is that I cannot move in until the first. Since we found an apartment so early, we have these two weeks to enjoy some tourist activities; on the downside, I still have my stress fracture [my right foot] so I am limited in what I can do. 

We have done a few activities and enjoyed the sights. We are also doing basic stuff in preparation for me living here. 

I got my first monthly metro card. The subway is incredible easy to use and my metro card also works on express buses. Fortunately public transportation is much more efficient here than in California. 

Our hotel has a fabulous view of Manhattan. I am so glad as I can't move in for two weeks and we are having to extend our stay in this hotel! 

Aside from my foot injury, I am very excited to be here. I look forward to all my adventures to come!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

New York Eateries I Want To Try!

Katz's Delicatessen: Because I am constantly on the hunt for the world's best deli.

Cafeteria: Because they are open all night and the entire menu looks amazing.

Gramercy Tavern: Because it's so highly spoken of and referenced. 

Liquiteria: Because I need my acai fix. 

Dominique Ansel Bakery: Because the cronut was invented here.

Jack's Wife Freda: Because brunch.

Shake Shack: Because I need an In N Out replacement.

Momofuku Milk Bar: Because I've heard great things about the cereal milk soft serve.

Any restaurant recommendations in New York City?

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Our Engagement Party

On Sunday, Joe's parents hosted our engagement party. We had to rush to throw the party together as I'm leaving this weekend for New York! 

We opted for a simple potluck bbq. I can do a video on how we planned the party if anyone is interested. The party was absolutely lovely and the party ended up lasting nearly twice as long as we had planned! 

I wanted to share a few photos from the event. 

Joe's mom purchased several bouquets of pink flowers and created homemade arrangements on all the tables. 

With the hot summer weather, we served dinner outside. Our colors are tentatively blush and champagne so Joe's mom got a dozen balloons that were placed at each table. 

We had a separate table for the bar and served wine, beer, prosecco, and sparkling lemonade. 

Our guests were kind enough to each bring something to share. One guest brought amazing blueberry goat cheese and garlic & herb goat cheese [both from Trader Joe's!] along with crackers. Another guest made tomato, basil, and mozzarella skewers! 

We went for cute desserts for this occasion. I made brownie kebabs with brownie bites and farmer's market strawberries. We also picked up some mini cupcakes [always a good idea] and used these cute labels on both desserts. 

This dessert was definitely Pinterest inspired. I love s'mores at bbqs and went for this little S'mores Station. I used a small chalkboard from the Target Dollar Spot for signage. We found this clear tray at the Dollar Tree to separate the s'mores components. 

We felt so fortunate to have so many friends join us to celebrate our engagement. I am especially appreciative of Joe's parents for making this party happen. 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

My Perfume Collection | 2015 [Video]

Different scents remind me of different events and periods of my life. I have far too many perfumes and I am sharing them all with you in my latest video

What is your favorite perfume? Any recommendations for my upcoming wedding [summer 2017]?

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Your Feelings Are Valid

I think of this blog partially as a journal, a way to document my life. I like to keep my posts positive but sometimes I just don't feel so positive and that's ok. I know that my feelings are valid.

Over the past two months I've been experiencing a sharp pain on the top of my right foot. I went to my doctor who told me my shoes were too narrow, which seemed a little strange as I'd been wearing them for eight months. I bought new running shoes, took ibuprofen and iced per his recommendation. After two weeks I wasn't feeling any better. I reported back to my doctor who set up an x-ray and an appointment with a podiatrist. 

My doctor said that my x-ray was normal so I figured I was just being dramatic. I went into my podiatrist appointment expecting to be told I was fine and just needed more support in my shoes or something. Immediately the podiatrist told me that I have a stress fracture. He showed me the exact spot on the x-ray. He told me that I would need to wear a boot for the next 6-8 weeks and I can't workout or walk much. I panicked. I told him I was moving to New York in two and a half weeks and needed to find an apartment [apartments are extremely hard to get remotely so I'll be living in a hotel for the first week]. The doctor told me just to go slowly and find a new podiatrist in New York for a follow-up appointment in four weeks. 

After being fitted for the boot, I drove home in shock. I tried to tell myself that I'd be fine; this happens to people all the time. One day later I was so miserable from the pain in my hips and back [as a result of the imbalance caused by the boot] that I needed to overnight a shoe attachment to level me out. 

Even as I'm writing this I'm trying to create a positive spin---I'm too accustomed to avoiding negative talk in my posts. I want to say that in the past week of having this boot I've learned how to deal with it but honestly it's gotten me down. Yes I am slightly more functional with the shoe attachment and fortunately I'm working from home all this week. Sadly the boot is cumbersome and I have absolutely no energy. All the time. I've been trying to turn it around and figure out what I will learn from this. I'm sure there will be some lesson of patience but I'm not feeling that way right now and I'm finally accepted that my emotions are valid. This situation isn't fun and it's terrible timing [especially with the move]. It's alright to be upset and frustrated. And if anything I'm learning that my feelings are valid, which is a big thing to learn. I just want you to know if you're suffering from an injury, an unfortunate situation...even if others have dealt with it or something that seems worse...your feelings are still valid. 

I don't know how consistent I'll be with my blog and that angers me but it's part of life. Stuff happens. It's important to take care of ourselves.

Until next time...

Sending love to everyone!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

July Favorites || Best Moments

Happy August!

Normally I am sick of the hot weather and look forward to autumn approaching but this year I don't want to let July or summer go. July was my most memorable month [thus far] and I can't believe that I will be moving across the country this month.

The highlights of my July may come as no shock. The best moment of my month [and my life] was getting engaged. Joe proposed in Shell Beach [by San Luis Obispo, California]. We have been fortunate enough to celebrate with family and some friends so far. This weekend we have our engagement party! 

Another wonderful aspect of July was truly enjoying time with friends. I had an incredible Fourth of July weekend--my best friend had old friends from college visiting and we did a ton of tourist-y things in San Francisco, Santa Cruz & Napa. July was the month I really focused on having fun and spending quality time with close friends. My best friend and I even took a girls trip to Napa and I proposed to her [to be my Maid of Honor]. 

I cannot imagine what August will bring. Lots more memories to be made! 

What was the highlight of your July?

Saturday, August 1, 2015

DIY Maid Of Honor Gift [Video]

This week I am introducing Project Bride [my wedding series!]. I will be sharing steps along my journey to my wedding :) I hope you will join me! For my first video I am showing my Maid Of Honor gift. Hopefully this will give you some inspiration if you're planning your wedding. 

Please let me know any requests you have for this series.

Have a great weekend!

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