Thursday, August 20, 2015

Welcome To New York.


I have officially moved to New York City. My mom and I flew in on Saturday [she is helping me with my move]. We spent Sunday apartment hunting & fortunately found one [with the help of a broker]; the only downside is that I cannot move in until the first. Since we found an apartment so early, we have these two weeks to enjoy some tourist activities; on the downside, I still have my stress fracture [my right foot] so I am limited in what I can do. 

We have done a few activities and enjoyed the sights. We are also doing basic stuff in preparation for me living here. 

I got my first monthly metro card. The subway is incredible easy to use and my metro card also works on express buses. Fortunately public transportation is much more efficient here than in California. 

Our hotel has a fabulous view of Manhattan. I am so glad as I can't move in for two weeks and we are having to extend our stay in this hotel! 

Aside from my foot injury, I am very excited to be here. I look forward to all my adventures to come!

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