Friday, October 30, 2015

Tips For Living In A Small Apartment

TGIF! Joe moved in yesterday & I spent the whole day cleaning in preparation. New York City apartments are small and accommodating two people in a one bedroom apartment is tough. Over the past two months, I have come across a few strategies for maximizing your space. 

Buy a bed with drawers underneath: This is my first and probably best tip. When we selected our bed, we chose one with drawers underneath. This bed can accommodate four drawers. We opted for two because we don't have enough space to pull out four drawers and have bedside tables. There is one drawer on each side towards the bottom of the bed. I plan to store out of season pieces in plastic containers in the open portion under the bed--if I really need something, I can move the bedside table.

Optimize closet space: Since I can't fit my workout clothes in my drawer, I am storing them on shelves inside the closet. I also purchased this shoe rack. It holds 20 pairs of shoes, doesn't take up a ton of space and doesn't require tools to put together! Also it's really affordable. 

Maximize kitchen space: New York City apartment kitchens are tiny. To make the most of our space, I store cooking sheets right above the fridge. I also store muffin pans on the side of the microwave. There is a lot of dust in NYC apartments--they are old! I wrap up my pans in plastic grocery bags to keep them clean. It is not the most attractive but it keeps my supplies clean. 

I am sure I'll have a lot more advice in a couple months! 

What topics would you like me to cover [in relation to NYC living]?


  1. Unlike California where people actually live in their homes, from what I understand people only use their home in Manhatten to sleep shower and change clothes. In Manhatten people live in the city and there are from what I know plenty of places to do everything else you would ordinarily do at home like watch stuff to be entertained, that is what Broadway, as well as New York Ballet and Opera, and even the New York Yankee's in the summer time. To eat and or have a cup of coffee, glass of Wine, or a beer. There is the Russian Tea Room as well as countless restaurants and coffee houses all over Manhatten. A place to sit and read a book there are all kinds of bookshops and other little nooks both inside and out side to accommodate you. So if you keep this in mind and only use your apartment to sleep, shower, and change clothes and do your other living in the city you should be fine.


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