Monday, November 9, 2015

Dollar Shave Club Review [Ft. Joe]

Hey everyone! Today I have a special guest post written by the fiancé. He recently subscribed to Dollar Shave Club and is sharing a review on this service. 

So since I just moved to NYC, I've been looking in to ways I can save a little money and time.  One of the ways I have found is this useful company called Dollar Shave Club. Its really cheap shaving supplies and I get them delivered to me. The subscription is for month shipments of four razor blades. First time subscribers get a handle for the blades and you can get your blades delivered to you every month or every other month depending on how often you need new ones. They even have three different types of razor depending on how much you want to spend. Shave lotions and after shaves can be added as well. The lotions are not included in the monthly fee and can be added to your box as you need them. They even have a option for travel size lotions. It is also possible to send it has a gift to your S.O. if they're looking (or you want them) to have a better way to keep a clean face. They have a variety of blade options that will meet any needs. Check out the site for everything. Its really easy to use. 

Let me know if you have any other subscription boxes I should be aware of. I am interested in trying out something new. I'll make more of these post too if you guys like them. 



  1. Hey these sound like a great husband gift- Thanks Joe!

    1. They would make a great husband gift, especially for the holidays!


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