Monday, November 23, 2015

Motivation Monday: You Can Do It!

This weekend has really given me a chance to take a break from life and truly enjoy spending time with people (mainly my best friend who visited from California). I've missed her so much over the past three months and it was wonderful to have her visit New York. Aside from catching up and running around the city, this gave me time to take a break from the bustle of my life here. Now I am ready to refocus my energy and work towards my goals for the remainder of the year. 

I am at a point where I feel confident enough to revisit goals I set months ago and work towards them now [even if the progress ends up being less than I'd originally aimed for]. 

I hope that you are able to focus your energy on the start of this new week. If you live in the US, you also have Thanksgiving to look forward to in a few days! 

I hope you had a great weekend!

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