Monday, January 4, 2016

My 2015 Recap

2015 was a whirlwind for me. The best possible whirlwind. I got engaged and moved across the country--minor events, right? I am so thankful for the year that I've had & want to reflect on the significant moments from each month in the past year. 

January: I am ready for a fresh start and a new year. I take on new responsibilities in my job and submit the bulk of my graduate school applications. 

February: I surprise Joe and take him on a trip to Seattle for Valentine's Day weekend [better known as Presidents Day weekend]. 

March: March is less eventful for me. I do a lot of organization and create an Easter brunch for the first time.

April: I am accepted into my first choice graduate program and decide to accept the offer!

May: Joe, Aimee [the best friend], Steven [Aimee's boyfriend] and I travel to Puerto Vallarta for my birthday. After years of wanting to visit Mexico, I finally get the opportunity to go. We stay at the most amazing resort. Highlight of the trip: holding a baby tiger

June: I get more serious about my blog and officially choose the domain name: Modern Mollie

July: Joe proposes to me. Enough said. 

August: I leave my job after almost two years and I move to New York City. It isn't easy [I had a stress fracture & moved into a fifth floor walk up] but it is so worth it!

September: I start graduate school in New York. Joe visits New York for his birthday while searching for a job. 

October: I attend Simply Stylist [a blogger conference] and feel like a true blogger for the first time. Joe moves to New York! We are now living together for the first time.

November: Aimee visits and we have a blast. Joe and I spend our first Thanksgiving away from our family. One of my friends is gracious enough to invite us to her Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania

December: I participate in vlogmas and fall in love with vlogging. I also take my first set of finals in graduate school and complete my first semester. We enjoy all the Christmas activities in New York. Fortunately, at the last minute, we get to go home for Christmas and see our families. It is the best way to round off a great year. 

All in all, it was a pretty memorable year. I don't think 2016 can beat the life changes but I hope to really work on myself. It will be a year of growth.

What were your 2015 highlights?


  1. You had a lovely 2015 and so much more to come in 2016!

  2. wow a lot of great changes in your life! hope 2016 will be just as lovely


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