Monday, March 7, 2016

My Current Evening Skin Care Routine

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Throughout high school and college I never thought much about skin care. I wore sunscreen at the beach and used an acne wash at night but I also sometimes (gasp) slept in my makeup when I was feeling lazy. As I entered my early twenties, I started to realize how important skin care is and why it is worth the investment. Obviously our skin is our foundation--with better skin, we worry less about makeup or wrinkles. Over the past few years, I've experimented with tons of skin care products to create my perfect skin care routine. This changes based on the season and my location--I have completed changed my products now that I live in New York City. Let's discuss what I'm currently using:

With the dry, cold air still looming, I am sticking with my winter skin care routine for the moment. I am aiming for intense moisture to combat premature aging. After removing my makeup & cleansing my skin (these products vary based on what's in my bathroom), I apply my favorite face oil to my face and neck. I give this a few minutes to soak in [usually I brush my teeth during this time]. Then I apply one pump of this incredible face cream--it dispenses the perfect amount when you press down and allows you to keep the product hygienic and avoid wasting any face cream. Next I dab a bit of eye miracle on my under eye area--this stuff has the consistency of vaseline and works like magic! Finally I swipe this eyelash serum along my dry upper lash line on each eye. I want to thicken and grow my lashes prior to the wedding because I sleep with an eye mask and would ruin eyelash extensions! So far this product seems to be doing the trick [it's been almost a month]. 

Since I've started this routine, I no longer wake up with dry, dull skin. Fortunately I feel refreshed and no longer need any products [besides moisturizer with SPF] in the morning. 

What are your holy grail skin care products? 


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