Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

On Sunday, Joe and I visited the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. This was our first time going back together since my [undergraduate] college graduation trip to NYC in 2013! I visited a little over a month ago when my parents were in town but everything was just starting to bloom. Now everything is full bloom--from tulips to cherry blossoms--and it couldn't be a better time to visit.

If you saw my recent video, you'll know that Joe and I had to cancel our trip to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C. [due to a work conflict]. Although this wasn't quite the same, it was exciting to see so many cherry blossoms in bloom at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. 

The weather has been kind of incredible recently in the city and I've been taking full advantage by wearing sun dresses. I recently picked up this dress for my upcoming trip to Italy--I'm loving off the shoulder dresses right now and this is perfect for travel because it is so lightweight! It was also a steal at under $30 [important travel tip: bring less expensive pieces--you could lose or damage an item while traveling]. I'm glad I'm already making use of it before my trip!

During our trip to the botanic garden, we gushed over the cherry blossoms and explored the bonsai trees [shown in my NYC travel guide]. Fun fact: the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is actually free on Tuesdays and 10 AM-12 PM on Saturdays. ALSO if you have a NYC ID you can get a free one year membership; ID NYC has a lot of awesome benefits and I can do a separate post on that if anyone is interested. Joe and I signed up for our free memberships on Sunday and can now come any day for free and attend any member events for free! There is even an event happening this weekend: the Sakura Matsuri Festival [Japanese festival] so this would be another great time to visit! 

Overall we really enjoy visiting the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and cannot wait to head back!

Dress // Boots [some colors and sizes are on sale right now!]

Also a sweet girl saw us taking photos and offered to take one of us together! I love how much of the cherry blossom goodness she captured in the background. 

Have you ever visited the Brooklyn Botanic Garden? Would you want to visit in the future?

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