Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Best Gelato in Italy

During my time in Italy, I experienced a number of different gelato shops. I sampled all sorts of flavors and came across a few must visit shops in Italy! My picks were [obviously] in the areas I visited but I'm sure other popular tourist destinations have fabulous gelaterias as well! 

Grom: This spot was recommended to my friends and I through a Timeout article, featuring the best gelato in Florence. Their gelato was sensational. I recommend their "cookies and cream" [or rather biscotti and cream] flavor. 

Giolitti: Someone recommended this shop to me in Rome and I cannot thank her enough. I highly recommend the nutella flavor. It basically tastes like whipped nutella! 

Venchi's: Venchi's was another favorite that I initially discovered in Bologna. Fortunately they also have a location in Florence [round two!] and their chocolates are carried at Eataly in New York [must visit spot in NYC!]. I got some chocolate mess with hot fudge poured into the cone and a huge scoop of nougatine--essentially chocolate gelato with a gooey nougat layer on top. I also discovered a location in Verona but no nougatine so I had to pass on Venchi's that day. 

Edoardo's: This spot always has a massive line so I waited until the end of my time in Florence to visit it. I completely understand why it is so popular. They handmade my waffle cone just before serving me and they use organic cream and eggs in their products [yes, it made a difference in the flavor]. It's located right by the Duomo--you can't miss it. 

For all you gelato lovers out there, where is your favorite spot [in or outside of Italy]? 

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