Monday, March 6, 2017

Book of Mormon Review | How To Score Cheap Tickets

Last week, Joe and I finally saw the Book of Mormon on Broadway and even scored super discounted tickets [$32 each!]. 

We were seated in a box, which I loved. Our seats were extremely close to the stage and we could see the orchestra pit, with the conductor on an elevated seat in the middle. Joe didn't love the seats--he had trouble seeing a couple bits due to our position from the stage. I, however, had no issues. I also appreciated the extra leg room [theater seats are just as cramped as plane seats!]. 

I didn't know a ton about the show beforehand--aside from everyone saying it is really entertaining. It was amazing. Without spoiling anything, two young mormons were paired up as companions and are sent on their mission to Uganda. Spreading the word and baptizing Ugandans ends up being a little trickier than they originally anticipated. The songs were hilarious and there were a ton of fun characters. 

After seeing the show, I looked into the original cast and learned that Elder Price was originally played by Andrew Rannells [Elijah from Girls] and Elder Cunningham was played by Josh Gad. I really wish I could see these two in those roles! 

But on to what you really care about: how did I score discounted tickets?!

The Book of Mormon does a regular lottery on Twitter for two tickets at $32 per ticket. For the past year, I've been [semi] regularly entering the Twitter lottery. All you need to do is follow the Book of Mormon's twitter account and retweet their lottery tweets. They also do this lottery in a few other major cities.

If you win the lottery, you will receive a direct message at 5PM the night before [or at least that's when my message arrived]. They send you a form to submit that allows you to claim your prize. 

The one catch is you need to pick up the tickets at the box office during the day [between 10AM and 4PM]. Luckily I was easily able to swing by but if you don't live or work in Manhattan, that could be a struggle for you. 

This lottery is a pretty great option, given that even reduced priced tickets are generally $70 or more. If you do want to purchase discounted tickets [up to a week in advance], I usually purchase Broadway tickets off TodayTix. I mentioned them in this post when I shared I was seeing Waitress on Valentine's Day. Whether you live in New York City or you are visiting a few days, you have some options that will hopefully allow you to see this awesome musical.

Have you seen the Book of Mormon

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