Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Closet Declutter | Spring Cleaning

Over the weekend it hit me that spring is just around the corner [even if it doesn't feel like it in NYC].  I got a sudden burst of inspiration to clean out my closet and went with it. Manhattan closets are notorious for being tiny and mine is no exception. 

Here are a couple of things I did to start decluttering my closet:

Sell and/or Donate Clothes: I take my used clothes to Crossroads and Buffalo Exchange. Both companies have locations across the United States. You can sell clothing in store [normally you will need to wait in line to sell] or mail in your clothes. For mail in, you can request a bag on either of their websites; they'll send you a pre-paid bag [it's all free to you]. They will send you a check for whatever they take, however, if you want any of the unwanted clothes back, you will need to pay for shipping. I've done this option once before and just let them donate those unwanted items. 

My preference is to attempt to sell my clothes at Crossroads first then walk to Buffalo Exchange. I've found that Crossroads is more selective but they pay you more for your items [50% in store credit or 33% in cash]. Buffalo Exchange tends to take more items but they only pay 25% in cash [or 50% in store credit]. These percentages are based off the price they will charge customers for these items. It is also important to note that these percentages are what I've gotten in New York City; they may be different elsewhere in the country.

Fortunately, in Manhattan, Crossroads and Buffalo Exchange are only a block apart. I tend to hit up Crossroads first then move on to Buffalo Exchange. Whatever I don't sell at either, I generally donate [there is a Good Will one block from Buffalo Exchange too!].

I also will offer clothes to friends if I know they are the right size and potentially their style. I'm bringing home a few items that don't fit me right for my best friend next month. 

Utilize Closet Space: I find that I don't wear items that I can't see. I've start hanging my belts. My goal is to hang my purses next with shower hooks. I also use clear stacking drawers for my workout clothes [honestly there is not enough space in my one drawer under my bed]. I like to label these drawers--but that is definitely not necessary.

I plan to continue sharing posts as I work through my spring cleaning but I hope this gave you a little inspiration to start cleaning your space!


  1. I just found your blog on the Girlboss Blogger's group and am loving it! I'm looking to declutter as well since Spring is coming and can't wait to feel refreshed and free of all of the things I don't need. Donating is a wonderful idea, thank you for sharing! xx

    Sending light & love your way,
    My Lovelier Days

    1. Hey girl! Thank you! I got your message too and checked out your blog. It's lovely! :) Yes, I love that feeling! Decluttering is the absolute best.



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