Wednesday, March 1, 2017

DIY Rustic Wedding Sign

As my wedding approaches [less than four months!], I've begun to plan out the decor with my cousin, Rachel. Rachel is not only a bridesmaid but she is also creating a lot of the decor. Joe and I decided to avoid the hassle and skip a seating arrangement for dinner. Not only will this eliminate some stress but we can also save a little money on table numbers and place cards. We still needed some signage to encourage guests to sit wherever they desired. I found this wedding sign for $45 on Etsy but figured we could make something similar for a fraction of the cost. I'm all about supporting small businesses [I adore Etsy!] but there are certain decor pieces you can easily make yourself. Rachel whipped up an almost identical sign and only spent $1. 

Although this rustic sign looks gorgeous on Etsy, it is really simple to make at home. Rachel already had a perfect piece of wood [she's crafty] and tons of paint. She traced out the words and filled in the letters with a blush colored paint. She added small gold dots of paint on top of some letters for a extra special touch. 

She finished off the sign with a few faux flowers--similar to the design on Etsy. She picked up these flowers from the Dollar Tree thus making her total cost only $1. 

If you don't have those supplies on hand, you'll likely spend $5-$10, however, I think this is a great way to save money. 

I'm blown away by how well this turned out. Thank you Rachel!

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