Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wedding Flowers On A Budget

Choosing flowers was one of the aspects of my wedding I was most nervous about. I had no idea what flowers I needed and what I wanted to splurge on. After some online research and discussions with friends, I decided what was important to me and what I really needed at my wedding. 

Depending on your venue(s), you don't necessarily need many flowers. We are getting married on a ranch, which already provides a gorgeous setting and doesn't require tons of flowers to look beautiful.     I've realized that you should only splurge on your must have favorite arrangements. For me, this is my bridal bouquet, flower crown, and bridesmaids bouquets. Consider what you can [relatively] easily create yourself. Also think about arrangements you may be able to do without [flowers at the ceremony?]. Create a list with all the flowers and arrangements you'll need and decide where you'll get each.

Here is my list:

• Bridal bouquet
• Bridesmaids bouquets
• Boutonnieres
• Corsages 
• Flower crown [for my rehearsal]
• Centerpieces
• Roses [cake decor]
• Flower arch
• Rose petals [flower girl]

Florist: I found my florist via The Knot. I considered what I most wanted professionally prepared and what I could easily diy. One of my must haves is a flower crown--I've always wanted one. My dress would look better with a veil so I'm wearing my dream flower crown for my rehearsal. I requested a quote and paid the deposit after seeing that the package would fit in our budget; 75% of my floral budget is going towards our florist. 

DIY Flower Arch: My cousin is helping me with a DIY flower arch. She has been laying out faux flowers [from the Dollar Tree] and homemade paper flowers to create decoration for the platform Joe and I will be married on. More on this project soon!

Bulk Flowers: I will be purchasing bulk flowers from Costco and Von's to create our own centerpieces. I plan to pair white hydrangeas, blush roses, and baby's breath in clear square vases [available at the Dollar Tree and Amazon] for simple decor. I'm also getting my corsages and boutonnieres from Costco [you can even mix and match the colors!]. We also need some roses for our cake and I plan to get those at Von's or their local farmer's market. Fresh flowers will make us 15% of our flower budget.

Amazon: I picked up some very inexpensive faux rose petals for the flower girl and decor. Amazon has a ton of budget friendly wedding decorations.

As we still have a few months until the wedding, I'm sure a few things will change. So far I feel content with our decisions regarding flowers.

If you have any wedding flower advice, I'd love to hear it in the comments!

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