Wednesday, August 2, 2017

How To Change Your Name After Getting Married

One of the major pains after getting married is changing your name (if you choose to change it!). When we got our marriage license, I was able to select to change my last name (and middle name, if I had wanted to). Although I chose to change my name, I needed to update all of my official documents  in order to fully use my new last name.

Here are the places you need to update your name:

Social Security: You'll need to get an updated social security card with your new last name. This must be done in person by visiting a social security office. I visited the office in lower Manhattan. I brought my marriage license and identification (my driver's license). It took about a week for my new social security card to arrive in the mail.

Driver's License/Identification Card: I was able to update mine right after visiting the social security office. I went to the DMV Express. I filled out a form, showed them my marriage license, paid $12.50 for the change, and took a new photo [I was not prepared for this so this is your warning!]. They gave me a temporary license and told me it will take 2-3 weeks for my new license to arrive--it took about a week and a half to come in the mail.

Bank Account: You'll need to change your name, order new debit and credit cards, and new checks. I just had to bring my marriage license. I was able to use my old driver's license as identification. It took a few days for my first new debit card to arrive and once it was activated, I was all set. 

Official Accounts: Several accounts will need to be updated once you have your new identification card. Make sure to update your employer/payroll, electric and utilities companies, landlord or mortgage company, insurance companies, voter registration, and airlines (for frequent traveler rewards). Some of these will just need a phone call and others will require your marriage license or new identification card.

Passport: I haven't gotten a chance to change my passport yet. Luckily, this can be done by mail. I'll need to mail in a form, check, my old passport, and a scan of my new license. 

TSA Pre/Global Entry: Once I get my new passport, I'll update my name on my Global Entry. This needs to be done in person but does not require an appointment. If you have either of these, you'll need to make sure the name on your plane ticket, ID or passport, and TSA Pre/Global Entry account name all match for future travels in order to use the service.

Accounts/Memberships/Social Media/Mailing Lists: This is totally optional. You may want to change your name on various online shopping accounts, museum memberships, gym membership, social media, etc. Likely any account that requires a payment will at least need an updated name on the billing statement.

Let me know if there are any other places I missed.

I hope this is helpful to any newlyweds!

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