Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Fall Night Time Routine

As the air gets a little crisper and my skin starts to feel a bit dry, I like to modify my skin care routine in the evenings. To be honest, my skin care routine is really simple. I've never been one to incorporate too many steps on a daily basis. I like to find a routine that is sustainable and gets the job done. Several products and steps have made all the difference in making me feel my best before bed.

For the past few months I've been obsessed with my Quip electric toothbrush. It's amazing! The design is so sleek and lightweight. I love that the brush has a built in two minute timer, which pulses every 30 seconds to help you take care of your pearly whites. The brush kit includes a wall mount, three month supply of toothpaste, and a travel size toothpaste. This post is not, by any means, sponsored but I do have a discount code [to save you $5!]. 

As far as skin care goes, I keep it pretty straight forward. I start by taking off any makeup with my tried & true micellar cleansing wipes and then I go in with a gentle cleanser. I will also use my Clarisonic a couple days a week for a deeper clean. After cleansing, I'll either apply moisturizer or an overnight mask and eye cream. Although this is relatively simple, it does the trick and keeps my skin feeling hydrated. 

What are your to go skin care products?


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