Monday, December 11, 2017

The Palace Hotel at Christmas

The Lotte Palace Hotel is one of my favorite spots at Christmastime. In my New York City christmas guide, I mentioned that hotel lobbies are the equivalent of house lights for New Yorkers. Their huge tree is stunning--Joe and I even took our holiday card photo there last year. 

Located just a few blocks away from the typical tourist spots, the Palace Hotel comes out of nowhere on Madison Avenue. The stunning tree and festive decorations make the Palace Hotel the most underrated destination for getting you in the Christmas spirit.

My absolute favorite view is on the stairs, behind the Christmas tree. The Palace Hotel is located across the street from the St. Patrick's Cathedral--there is a great view of the stained glass. I love to look at the Christmas trees framing the stained glass windows.

Every detail of the Palace Hotel is elegant. I'll continue to visit, at least once, each December. I highly recommend visiting this holiday season. 


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