Wednesday, February 14, 2018

A Love Letter To My Husband

Happy Valentine's Day! Whether you are married, single, or somewhere in between--I hope you have a great day! This is our first married Valentine's Day, which is wild to me. I can't believe we said "I do" over six months ago and we're continuing in our journey of marriage. 

This year, we are celebrating with dinner and a Broadway show--it was so fun last year and we might make it a tradition!

The real reason to celebrate today is because we love each other. We fight for our love and relationship every single day. Life isn't easy but it's a lot easier together. Writing is one of my favorite ways to express myself so I decided to share a love letter to my husband..

Dear Joe, 

It has been a wild ride since I met in the summer of 2012. We were just kids then and no idea about the journey that lied ahead of us. I remember our first Valentine's Day vividly--I was still in SLO and you were up north. I drove up, after class, on Thursday so we could spend President's weekend together. I was supposed to spend the night at my parents and see you over the weekend but I desperately wanted to see you that day, on Valentine's Day. Even though it was late and I'd driven for hours, I drove on to see you. We made a heart-shaped pizza and drank wine. It was perfect. 

Every Valentine's Day since, we've done something special. The next year we took a sushi class and made chocolate soufles from scratch. In 2015, I surprised you and took you to Seattle for the weekend. Our next Valentine's was our first in New York! There was a snowstorm and we had breakfast in bed with our newly adopted fur baby, Nutmeg. Last year was our last Valentine's as an engaged couple and we saw Waitress on Broadway. This Valentine's will be special in its own way, as every other year has been. 

I cherish the memories I've made with you, each and every year. Our experiences have molded our relationship. I look back at the moments you've made me laugh or smile--I can't help but love you even more. You are truly one of the kindest people I've ever met. I can genuinely say that I've never met someone who dislikes you; that says so much about your character. 

You are a stand up guy. You've been there for me in my darkest times and for my greatest accomplishments. You left a comfortable life in California to struggle with me in New York. You helped me develop into the person I've become--a completely different person than I was when we first started dating in 2012. You've taught me how to be brave in difficult times. You've helped me become more confident and accept myself for who I am. You make me the best version of myself. 

Six years ago, I never would have expected to be where we are today. I cannot wait for all our adventures to come! 

I love you to the moon & back. 

Yours forever,

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