Sunday, July 8, 2018

5 Tips For Weekend Travel

For the past two months, Joe and I have traveled every single weekend. It was so much fun and glad we did it but it was exhausting. We slowly found little crucial things to make our weekend travels smoother. With summer in full swing, I bet a lot of you will be going on some weekend adventures. Hopefully these tips will help you have better weekend trips!

1. Bring cash: always grab some cash before traveling - typically I take at least $40 out of the atm before every trip.
2. Pack an external charger: most of us probably already do this because let's face it - we're always draining our phone batteries. Joe and I have a couple external chargers and this one lasts for 4-5 full charges AND can charge multiple devices at once. It is a must for any weekend travel or even a day out in the city. 
3. Use Packing Cubes: I love these for any length trip but they are especially great for weekend vacations. I either categorize my clothing into separate cubes or divide it up by outfits. This makes packing so easy!
4. Set a routine for your return day: Joe and I always got home on Sunday nights. My routine includes washing my hair with my Sunday shampoo and conditioner followed by laying out my outfit and packing my workbag. This insures I feel refreshed and ready for work on Monday. 
5. Always unpack the day your return: we've found that when we unpack right after we return, it makes the transition easier. This is infinitely more important with weekend travel, which leaves you without downtime before returning to work. Joe and I generally pack one carry on piece so unpacking takes under 10 minutes!

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