Wednesday, August 22, 2018

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While taking care of ourselves seems easy, it can be really challenging on difficult mental health days. Even the smallest task can feel daunting. Face masks and bubble bathes are appealing but sometimes getting out the bed feels like the biggest hurdle. I've compiled a list of self-care practices for rough days and high-functioning days.

Rough Days:

1. Take Five Deep Breaths: Simple yet effective.
2. Shower: Showering always makes me feel better. I feel like I'm washing my bad day away.
3. Make Your Bed: It's a small task that makes all the difference.
4. Stretch Your Body: Release some tension.
5. Drink a Glass of Water: Staying hydrated always helps.
6. Hug Someone: Physical touch is crucial.
7. Nap: A mini escape from reality.
8. Snuggle with a Pet: This always immediately makes me feel better.
9. Diffuse Essential Oils: I drop a few drops in my diffuser and let it run before bed - my favorite night time blend is cedar wood, lavender and stress away from Young Living.
10. Cry: Sometimes you just need to let it out. It's incredible how good you can feel after letting out your emotions.

High-Functioning Days:

1. Take a Walk: Fresh air and moving your body will relieve some anxiety. 
Note: this isn't meant as a "work out" but rather a stroll to de-stress
2. Meditate: Try an app [I use Headspace]. You can do anywhere from 1 minute to 30 minutes. 
3. Do Yoga: Gentle yoga is my favorite. I love to stretch and quiet my mind, without any pressure. 
4. Watch a Movie: This is the perfect distraction. Transport yourself to a different place.
5. Do a Digital Detox: This always feels like a big release. I love to clean out files on my desktop, photos on my phone, notes, emails, and anything else that piles up.
6. Declutter Your Closet: I like to sort my clothes into piles: keep, sell, and donate. My favorite places to sell are Crossroads and ThredUp. You can order a kit online - they cover shipping your items. They'll mail you a check for pieces they purchase and will donate the rest [or mail you the items back for a fee].
7. Cook a Meal: It can be easy to skip meals or just snack when you're busy or stressed. Cooking a full meal can be therapeutic and make you feel better.
8. Call a Friend: Talking to a friend and family member can help you talk out everyday stressors.
9. Read a Book: Dive into another world.
10. Treat Yo' Self: Sometimes you just need to a splurge on something for yourself. 

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