Wednesday, September 12, 2018

What I'm Adding To My Morning Routine | Love Your Life

I've always wanted to have a solid morning routine. There are a million videos on YouTube showcasing morning routines. I've never had a consistent schedule until six months ago. I have a quick and structured routine for my mornings prior to my commute. I wanted to add a couple things into my day to accomplish when I first get to the office. 

Last week, I implemented two new things into my mornings. When I get into the office, I briefly check e-mail [I eventually want to wait on the e-mails but baby steps!] then grab a notebook, pen, headphones, and my phone. I find a quiet spot facing a window and start these new morning rituals. 

What I'm Adding To My Morning Routine

1. Stream of Consciousness Writing: I've started doing three pages of stream of consciousness writing. What does this mean? I grab a notebook and write three pages of whatever comes to mind. I tend to wake up with tons of thoughts and a full list of to dos. This journaling has really helped me dump my thoughts and clear my mind for the day.
2. Meditation: I purchased the year subscription to Headspace a few months but have barely used it. I've started adding in one meditation after my journaling. I like that I can choose anything from one minute to twenty. They offer tons of categories - everything from specific situations (travel or interviews) to general anxiety. 

Maybe, in the future, I'll add more structure to my morning routine to set myself up for a happy and productive day. For now, I'm content with these small additions. They are becoming the best part of my mornings!

What is the best part of your morning?

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