Wednesday, October 10, 2018

How To Take Care Of Yourself While Dealing With Life Changes | Love Your Life

I really hope I come up with a better title before sharing this post. If I don't, here's the gist - it can be hard to take care of ourselves while going through big life changes. Throughout our lives, we will experience job changes, moves, deaths, births, and so much more. While I don't want this post to be negative, I do want to be realistic. It's not easy to care of ourselves when our lives feel unstable. 

I'm personally going through something HUGE right now. I'm not ready to share quite yet but I promise it's coming soon. Throughout this process, it's been really hard to give myself the love and care I deserve. I'm trying to switch my focus to self-care: what would help me most during this time? I've compiled a few of my tips for coping during a stressful period in life.

1. Say No: My instinct when I'm going through a big change or something hard is to distract myself. We get caught up in the things we "should" do or are afraid of missing out. Honestly we might be happier wrapped up in a blanket on the couch than out to dinner with friends. Check in with yourself to see how you feel.

2. Create Self-Care Rituals: These do not need to be big or take up a lot of time but establishing a small tasks for yourself can make a world of difference. This could be as simple as making a cup of herbal tea before bed or following a skincare regimen each day. For me, this simply looks like creating a short night routine. I brush my teeth, shower, follow my nighttime skincare routine, braid my hair (it gets super tangled otherwise), and relax in bed before going to sleep. If I follow that each night, I feel accomplished and comforted. 

3. Meditate: This is a daily practice for me and it doesn't need to take up much time. I use the Headspace app. I can choose guided meditations from 1 minute to 15 minutes (there may be longer ones, I'm not sure!). I opt for the shorter ones most of the time. It just helps me take a few deep breaths and lets me concentrate on something out. 

4. Unplug: If social media or just the internet is bringing you down, take some time to disconnect. Grab a book or watch a movie. Take yourself out of it all for a little while.

5. Take A Mental Health Day: This may not be feasible for everyone but if you are going through something challenging and can manage this, I highly recommend it. Sometimes the best thing for us is to take a break from everything for a day. Take off work or school and listen to your body. This will look different for everyone. For some, getting extra sleep will make all the difference. Others want to do something special for themselves. Follow your heart and take some time out for yourself.

These are a few nuggets of wisdom. If you are dealing with something difficult, I really hope things improve or are resolved soon! 

What are your go-to ideas for self-care during a challenging time?

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