Thursday, November 15, 2018

Nutmeg's Travel Essentials

Treats | Blankets | Litter Box | Carrier | Harness | Toy | Bowl | Calming Spray     

Now that we've finished our road trip (check it out here, here & here), I feel pretty confident that we know how to travel well with a pet. Our cat, Nutmeg, did exceptionally well on our cross country road trip and I strongly believe it was due to proper prep. Before diving into her travel essentials, let me share a couple tips for travel prep. 

1. Vet Check Up: We took Nutmeg to the vet for a wellness check. He advised us that she wouldn't need anti-anxiety medication and said she was healthy enough for the journey.

2. Practice Rides: We took Nutmeg on a couple short practice drives. This got her used to her carrier and we could see any adjustments needed to be made to make her comfortable. 

Nutmeg's Travel Essentials:

Carrier: Of course we need to start with the star of the show - Nutmeg's new carrier. We picked this one out because it's clear on the sides, soft, collapsible and has multiple entrances. 

Blankets: We didn't know how Nutmeg would feel on the trip. We wanted her to be comfortable, warm, and most importantly - have backups if she got sick on a blanket. We picked up this pack of five blankets so we could dispose of any if needed. 

Harness: Safety first! We picked up this harness set so Nutmeg couldn't escape [if she got anxious] and could walk outside. While she didn't go far, she did walk around a little at rest stops. 

Calming Spray: Someone from work recommended this and I really think it worked! Nutmeg was pretty stressed the first day or so of the trip and then we remembered this spray. After spritzing it on her blanket, she settled down and napped with her paws wrapped around the blanket. It may be a coincidence [she might have just finally relaxed in her carrier] but I like to think the spray helped. 

Treats: Treats may seem a little obvious but these Greenie Treats are also good for your cats teeth. We could give these to Nutmeg in the car without having to deal with a full bowl of food spilling all over.

Toy: We made sure Nutmeg had her favorite toy for the journey.

Bowls: Nutmeg normally uses glass bowls - too fragile for travel. These stainless-steel travel bowls are a great idea. 

Litter Box: These disposable litter boxes were a life-saver. We got this set of three and they were perfect. The boxes are compostable and infused with baking soda - we never noticed any odor! We've repurchased since for weekends away at Joe's parents.

One of my favorite things we did on the road trip was take photos of Nutmeg with every state sign. Without further ado, let's take a look at Nutmeg's trip...

Nutmeg's Cross Country Road Trip:









South Dakota





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