Monday, November 12, 2018

Quality Of Life Expenses

With our huge move, we're obviously trying to keep our expenses as low as possible. If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that we've had some setbacks - our movers are taking way longer than expected and we were sleeping on a sofa bed for weeks. We were so tired and our backs hurt too much to keep it up. We went for it and bought a new bed and mattress. It wasn't cheap and it certainly wasn't in our original plans but our quality of life was suffering. 

I was kicking myself because originally we thought about selling our old bed and buying a new bed here. We didn't have any takers for our frame so instead we added it into our move, which increased our bill with the movers. Now we've spent more money to ship a bed across the country that hasn't even made it here AND we've bought a new bed to replace it. Obviously this is not ideal. I was talking with my mom about it and she said sometimes you just need to write off expenses that don't work out. Sometimes you make a decision that doesn't work out the way you thought and you need to make another decision to fix it. We went for the bed because sleep and comfort are important to us. 

We're slowly having to replace more items while we wait - we don't have enough clothes, I want to be able to organize my makeup (and not just use travel bags), and we need bedding for our new bed. While I'm trying to hold out for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I'm also cutting myself some slack. It's ok not to be frugal every day. It's ok to add some extra expenses to this month's statement. We can always make more money but we can't make up that time we were in pain from a bad bed so I'm happy we got the new bed! 

This post is a little all over the place but I just thought I'd share a lesson I learned this week about finances and life.

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