Friday, May 1, 2015

May Goals

Happy May! May is my favorite month of the year for a number of reasons: my birthday (May 22!), summer weather, flowers, and travel (I usually travel around my birthday). I am so excited for this month that I wanted to jump right in with my goals. This week was extremely special for me because I was accepted into one of my top choice graduate programs. I am already starting to think about everything I'll need to do to prepare for the move. This makes my goals a little easier this month. Let's jump into them:

Go through my closet/wardrobe/dresser: I have already started in on my closet and dresser. I have a nice pile of clothing to sell or donate. I want to get rid of all the going out dresses I have left over from college [I have no need for Forever 21 mini dresses anymore]. I also want to toss anything with holes in it, even if it has sentimental value. 
Clean out my makeup stash: This is a tricky one for me because I am constantly trying new products and you can't donate used makeup. I have far too much makeup [and nail polish]. It can't all possibly come with me. Besides some of it is probably expired. I need to clear out my vanity, drawers, and nail polish rack and only keep my absolute essentials. 
Scrapbook: This may seem like a silly one but I want to work on my Project Life scrapbook. I purchased all the supplies back in January and I've put a little work into it. I know I have tons of pictures, postcards and decorative bits to add. I also know that [realistically] the scrapbook cannot come to grad school with me [however I'm bringing the pages to fill in and mail home] so I want to put some effort in now while I have the time and space. 
Budget: I am not the worst the with money but I definitely don't have it all worked out. My new home is going to be quite expensive [as will tuition] and I won't have a full time job. Fortunately I have been creating a savings nest for the past two years in preparation for this time, however, life is expensive and I will need to plan well since I won't find a part-time job immediately. 
Read about minimalism: In the past six months, more and more blog posts about minimalism have popped into my Bloglovin' feed. As I have ample space right now, I didn't give a second thought to it but with my upcoming move, I will barely be bringing anything [most likely a couple of suitcases and a box of kitchen supplies]. Along with sorting my clothes, I really need to decide what is worth the trouble of bringing. This will be tough but I'm hoping doing a little reading will help me. 

These are my goals. They may be terribly boring as they really relate to my specific future! I hope you had a great April and have an even better May. 

What are your May goals?

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