Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Summer Favorites in New York City

While we're in the midst of summer, I thought I'd share of the things I'm loving so far in New York City. I promise I'm just skimming the surface with my current favorites!

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ClassPass: Joe and I signed up for ClassPass this month during their third anniversary sale--$30 for 10 days in 30 days [ridiculous steal]. From what I can tell, the deal still exists [no guarantees how long this will last]. Joe and I have already done half of our classes and have liked every single one of them. If you haven't heard of this company, they allow you to try classes all over major cities--literally thousands of class options in New York City. We've done rowing, cycling, yoga/pilates, boxing, and circuit training so far. We look forward to our TRX class on Wednesday! 

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Beer Gardens: We've only visited one so I don't know if I'm fully qualified to say I love beer gardens but I had a great experience this past weekend at the Bohemian Beer Hall in Astoria. It was cheap and there were tons of tables outside to sit with your friends for hours. For the best beer gardens in NYC, I'm including this Timeout article. Perfect for a summer afternoon in the city.

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Yoga in Bryant Park: Bryant Park offers free yoga on Tuesdays from 10-11 AM & Thursdays from 6-7 PM. Athleta sponsored this series. They provide the instructor, mats, and prizes for frequent yogis [you need at least 6 classes to get a prize]. They are offering these classes through the end of September. 

Ice Cream: The perfect summer treat. There are so many good options in New York City. My current favorite is Emack & Bolio's with multiple locations across the city. They offer unique flavors & fun dipped cones [like the marshmallow & fruit loops cone pictured above]. You really can't go wrong with their choices!

I will most likely do a part two to this post later in the summer, as I have more summer-related activity goals in the city. Let me know if that's something you'd like to see!


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