Saturday, November 26, 2016

Eyelash Perm Experience [NYC]

Eight weeks ago, I got my eyelashes permed for the first time. After doing a ton of research on eyelash extensions, I came across eyelash perms and was attracted to their less damaging and more natural effect. I found Gigi through Yelp--from what I can tell, she is the only person in New York City who does eyelash perms (and microblading if you need some brow help!). I looked through reviews and photos. Reviewers showed before and after photos and gave Gigi rave reviews. They said the process took under an hour, cost $40, and lasted 5-6 weeks. This is significantly better than eyelash extensions, which can last a couple weeks and may run you hundreds of dollars! Not to mention, if they aren't applied well, they can completely ruin your natural lashes [I've never had extensions and don't mean to bash anyone who chooses to get them; they just don't seem like the best option for me]. 

Today I want to run you through the process and how they've lasted. I was fortunate enough to have my friend, Marta, come along with me and take photos of the process [thanks girl!]. 

Before we get started, I want to share my before and after photos:

Without further ado...

Here's the run down [with help from Marta]:

Step 1: She applied lash glue to my eyelids

Step 2: She placed a roller on my eyelids

Step 3: She added the perm solution to my lashes and temporarily adhered them to the roller

Step 4: She placed cotton pads under my eyes and taped everything and let them set

Step 5: She removed all the pieces; she removed the lashes from the roller with tweezers

Step 6: She put a conditioning solution on my eyelashes

Here are some key points:
  • I was told they should last 5-6 weeks [they did & then some!]
  • They cost $40 [cash only, no tax; I also tipped]
  • The appointment took roughly 45 minutes 
If you are interested in getting your lashes permed by Gigi, you can make an appointment on Yelp or call her [(646) 474-5756]. She is cash only [no tax, $40 even + tip]. Her studio is in the same suite as Loft 26 but it's in the back--so go back and look for her otherwise she won't know you're waiting as she doesn't have a secretary [what happened to Marta and I]. 

I would love to know if you end up visiting Gigi--please please tell her I sent you! 

I hope this was helpful!


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