Wednesday, September 5, 2018

How To Declutter Your Digital Life | Love Your Life

While we tend to focus on organizing our physical space, our digital lives are just as important. We spend a large portion of our time online, especially if we work in an office. Over the years I've found a few effective ways to declutter my digital space and I hope these tips can help you too!

Desktop: Clearing up your desktop is crucial. Sorting your files into folders can make your space more visually appealing and easier to navigate. This will make you more efficient and less stressed.

E-mail: Organizing your e-mail depends on your personal style. I'm personally an inbox zero type of person. I use my inbox as my to do list. When I've dealt with whatever an e-mail pertains to, I either achieve it or add it to a folder. I also use filters and labels to help me manage my inbox. I have tons of filters set up on my work e-mail and it makes a huge difference! With my personal e-mail, I've subscribed to far too many newsletters and websites over the years so I use the Unroll.Me app to unsubscribe in bulk. It's really helpful!

Phone: My phone gets so easily cluttered. I try to clean it out on a regular basis. My major trouble areas are my photos, my notes, and my apps. For photos, I like to go through the screenshots folder and clear it out regularly. I tend to take a ton of screenshots of random funny things to send to friends! Those are easy to clear out quickly. For the rest of my photos, I transfer them to an external hard drive. My apps were a struggle for a while - I had a lot. I found a great organization method on The Home Edit and it's worked wonders for staying organized. 

Take a look:

How I Organize My Phone

1. Set a neutral background - you want to be able to see your apps
2. Sort apps into folders based on color. You can choose the primary color if an app has more than one color. 
3. Arrange the folders into rainbow order. Optional but fun!
4. Label folders with an emoji of the same color. This is a cute and quick way to find apps.

I found that sorting my apps forced me to pair down to the apps I really use. I also always want my apps on the first page of the folder so they are all visible. I keep my apps to one page. This makes everything more efficient. 

I hope this was helpful!

Do you have any great tips for decluttering your digital space?

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