Monday, November 26, 2018

5 Tips For Surviving Holiday Financial Stress

We are officially in the holiday season! Thanksgiving has come and gone. The gift giving, parties, and holiday dinners are starting. While I love this time of year and participating in all of these activities, they can add up quickly. I have a few tips that help me stay on track during the holiday season!


1. Create A Budget: Control your finances, don't let them control you. Make a budget for holiday activities, gifts, travel, and/or anything else you plan to spend on this holiday season. Be realistic and take into account unexpected expenses (last minute gifts, travel issues, etc.).

2. Get Creative: We don't have to spend tons to have a fun holiday season. Seek out free activities in your community. Joe and I love tree lightings, checking out neighborhoods with great Christmas lights, and watching holiday movies. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, like Joe and I do, check out Christmas In The Park and the Christmas tree in Union Square.

3. Take Advantage Of Deals: I'm a huge advocate of coupons, shopping around, and rebates. You'll hear me gush about Ebates - it's a website that gives you cash back for tons of places. You can even install a Chrome extension so you don't forget to activate your cash back. You'll also receive an additional $10 in your first Big Fat Check for signing up here. For coupons, I love Honey. This is another Chrome extension I use that finds any available coupons online. You can choose to apply them to save a little more! Also make sure to actually send in any mail in rebates. Joe and I got pillows on Black Friday that will actually become free once we mail in our rebates forms!

4. Say No: Unfortunately we can't do it all. If something is too pricey or not top of your list, just say no. You'll feel better knowing you didn't spend the money and you can focus on the things you're most looking forward to.

5. Remember What This Season Is About: Focus on what the holidays really mean - spending time with those you care about. Spending quality time together is the point of this season. Embrace it!

Do you have any tips for staying on track during the holiday season?

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