Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Feeling Festive

At Christmas time, I always reach for products that make me feel glamourous. I like to get a little festive and sparkly with my makeup. As I select products to wear tomorrow, a few jump out at me as must-haves. 

LUSH Santa's Lip Scrub

A vibrant lipstick is always a must in the dead of winter. However, in order to have a seamless application, a lip scrub is completely essential. I personally love this festive scrub from LUSH. Santa's lip scrub is created with cherries and dates--I really enjoy the sweet scent. LUSH makes incredible lip scrubs so I highly recommend checking them out. 

A red lip is necessary throughout the holiday. MAC's Ruby Woo is a classic red. Being a matte lipstick, it is drying (this one is particularly so). For that reason, I make sure to moisturize my lips before I start my makeup. As it is a bold lipstick, I start off with a lip liner to trace the outline of my lips as well as lightly shading them in before going in with Ruby Woo. This lipstick is gorgeous and 100% necessary for Christmas. 

Beautiful blushes are another essential item for my holiday makeup looks. The Hourglass Ambient Blushes are my current favorite blushes. This palette comes with three stunning options. My most-used is the shade mood exposure. It will give your cheeks that flushed "I just walked through the snow" look. I can't get enough. 

Recently I have been all about this eyeshadow primer. It is the ideal product for the holiday season or a lazy girl who wants to look glam. This primer has a bit of a sheen to it so it enhances whatever shadow you're wearing. My favorite combination is pairing this product with the Stila eyeshadow in Kitten. 

Can we all agree that a shimmery eyeshadow is necessary for the perfect holiday look? The Naked 3 Palette was my go-to last year and I have jumped back into it this year. This palette has 12 unique shades, most of which contains some shimmer. There are a few mattes thrown in for good measure. Dust is my favorite shade to pop all over the lid and you can often find me using Trick in my crease. This is one of my all time favorite palettes. 

Sally Hansen Big Glitter Nail Color in Dressed to Kill

Let's move onto nails, shall we? My Christmas nails will have glitter on them, without question. I haven't painted mine yet but tonight I will be prepping my nails for the festivities tomorrow. I know glitter nail polish will play a role in my prep. This particular rose gold color is the ultimate selection. 

Gift From My Boyfriend

Last night my boyfriend gave me this beautiful bow bracelet. This piece appeals to me because it is delicate and girly. It is the optimal piece for the Christmas festivities because it is elegant yet minimal. I like to be a bit bolder with my makeup and keep my jewelry simple. 

What are your favorite festive products?

Happy Holidays!

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