Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Best Self-Tanner

I am only slowly attempting to master the art of self-tanning. As we are all aware, it is crucial to avoid too much sun exposure. Skin cancer is serious. However, we still want that sun kissed glow. 

For years, I struggled to perfect my tan at home. I often woke up to find streaks on my legs or my arms would look orange. After trying a number of products, I came across the ultimate idiot-proof self-tanner. I have been using the St. Tropez Bronzing Lotion since last summer. I was amazed to find this product on the shelves at Costco, as it is a pricey brand. 
I recommend applying this after exfoliating in the shower up to three times per week. Need a good body scrub? Check out my DIY Brown Sugar Body Scrub. After drying off, I apply this tanner using a mitt. Mine is from Tarte but St. Tropez sells a similar one (I just already owned the Tarte one). I apply this product in an upward motion. I work from my ankle to knee on the front and back of my legs then work from my knee to upper thigh. I generally only tan my legs. Although I wear sunscreen, my arms get a lot more exposure and maintain a tan better. As for cleaning your application mitt, I recommend using soap and water immediately after using it. I lay my mitt out to dry overnight and it is ready for use by the next day. Note: one reader recommends putting your application mitt in the washing machine!

I highly recommend checking out this self-tanner if you have not already!

Any good self-tanners I should check out?

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