Thursday, March 30, 2017

How To Apply False Lashes | Sephora Beauty Tips

For a while, I've been meaning to check out the free beauty classes offered by Sephora. I finally attended one yesterday and it was incredible. 

Sephora offers a range of technique classes from contouring to no makeup makeup. I chose a false lashes class at one of the Upper East Side locations. 

Two instructors helped us through the steps necessary to properly apply false lashes. They laid out supplies for us and helped us select lashes [the only item we did need to purchase]. They first demoed on the model [which was me!]. We all completed the rest on our own after learning the proper technique. 

Here are the key steps:
1. Apply eye cream 
2. Apply eyelid primer [to help the lashes stay]
3. Tight line your lash line
4. Take out your lashes and measure the lashes to your own; cut if necessary
5. Apply glue to lashes and allow it to become tacky [wait 30 seconds-1 minute]
6. Place the lashes just above your own and press them in with fingers
7. After the lashes have had a few minutes to dry, cover the lash band with liquid liner
8. Use mascara to coat your natural lashes and make them blend in with the false lashes
9. Use remaining mascara [on the wand] to coat your bottom lashes


There were a few extra tips that made all the difference--

• When taking lashes out/off of the package, press and roll to remove the lashes; this ensures that you do not damage the lashes
• Once you've removed the lashes from the package, wiggle them--they are generally stiff from sitting in the box
• Applying glue to lashes: start in the center of the band, work your way out, and add a dollop of glue to each end as well
• You can reuse lashes 10-20 times [just make sure to clean them properly in between uses with rubbing alcohol]

I found this class incredibly informative. I will definitely be taking more classes in the future. If you stop by the 60th & Lex Sephora, say hi to Danisha and Johannah for me!


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