Monday, July 16, 2018

New York City Summer Guide

There is so much to do in the summer in New York City. I've already shared my summer bucket list and I wanted to follow up with some of my favorite activities. 

Today I shared a travel guide video with some of my recommendations. As per my video, I'm including a few more ideas here!

MOVIES IN THE PARK: Several parks in the city show movies on summer nights. The most well known is Bryant Park, offering movies every Monday through August. The NYC Parks Department lists all the options here.

ICE CREAM SHOPS: My summer guide video could have easily become a ice cream recommendations video so I decided to not share any options in the video but include them all here! My favorite ice cream shops (in no particular order) are Emack & Bolio's [two blocks from my old apartment on the UES!],  Milk & Cereal BarGelato & CoForty Carrots [froyo], and Chloe's Soft Serve [fruit based/non-dairy option].

YOGA: Bryant Park offers free yoga on Tuesday mornings and Thursday nights all summer. Mats included as long as you sign up!

ROOFTOP BARS: There are a plethora of rooftop options. I love 230 Fifth and Loopy Doopy [they serve prosecco with popsicles!]

SHAKESPEARE IN THE PARK: Joe and I finally got to attend one of these shows last summer. It was phenomenal! You can enter the lottery through TodayTix or wait in line at the park. Tickets are free for all!

PICNICS: Picnics in Central Park, Bryant Park and Prospect Park are one of my favorite ways to spend a summer evening.

Make sure to watch my summer guide video:

More fun summer ideas to share? Leave a comment below!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Summer 2018 Reading List

Last week I received an email in my [work] inbox sharing how important reading is. The e-mail referenced several different great minds and how much they regularly read. Did you know that Bill Gates reads 50 books every year?!

They challenged us to commit to reading 10, 11, or 12 books this quarter. I took the pledge and opted for 10 books. I love to read and listen to audiobooks [which totally counts for this goal!] but I struggle to make the time. I am   slowly incorporating more books in my commute, which is helping a lot.



I've already started a couple of these books and I'm excited to dive into the others. If you have any book recommendations and/or want to join my reading challenge, please leave me a comment!

Sunday, July 8, 2018

5 Tips For Weekend Travel

For the past two months, Joe and I have traveled every single weekend. It was so much fun and glad we did it but it was exhausting. We slowly found little crucial things to make our weekend travels smoother. With summer in full swing, I bet a lot of you will be going on some weekend adventures. Hopefully these tips will help you have better weekend trips!

1. Bring cash: always grab some cash before traveling - typically I take at least $40 out of the atm before every trip.
2. Pack an external charger: most of us probably already do this because let's face it - we're always draining our phone batteries. Joe and I have a couple external chargers and this one lasts for 4-5 full charges AND can charge multiple devices at once. It is a must for any weekend travel or even a day out in the city. 
3. Use Packing Cubes: I love these for any length trip but they are especially great for weekend vacations. I either categorize my clothing into separate cubes or divide it up by outfits. This makes packing so easy!
4. Set a routine for your return day: Joe and I always got home on Sunday nights. My routine includes washing my hair with my Sunday shampoo and conditioner followed by laying out my outfit and packing my workbag. This insures I feel refreshed and ready for work on Monday. 
5. Always unpack the day your return: we've found that when we unpack right after we return, it makes the transition easier. This is infinitely more important with weekend travel, which leaves you without downtime before returning to work. Joe and I generally pack one carry on piece so unpacking takes under 10 minutes!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

New York City Summer Bucketlist

Summer has arrived in New York City. Rooftop bars are in full swing and parks are packed. Every year I have a few things I love to do in the city in the summer. I always end up adding to that list. Let's take a peak at my list for this summer...

Sip cocktails on the Met rooftop bar: We discovered this spot at the end of our first summer. Every season, the Met opens up their rooftop bar, overlooking Central Park. They feature a few pieces on the rooftop so you can enjoy some art with your cocktail.

Picnic in Central Park: We received the cutest picnic basket as a wedding gift. It's perfect for Joe and I to take a park date. Unfortunately we no longer live walking distance to Central Park but we will definitely still visit this summer and we live down the street from another park.

Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge: This is a favorite activity and always something we take guests to do. The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most beautiful structures in New York, in my opinion. I like taking the subway to Dumbo, wondering around by the water and then walking across the bridge to lower Manhattan. Fun fact: my great grandfather's company supplied the cables for the Brooklyn Bridge!

Take the ferry to Rockaway Beach: In my last job, I took the Rockaway ferry route every day. During the warmer months, I longed to stay on the boat and head to the beach. This summer I'm definitely making it happen. The ride is only one hour from the Wall Street pier and will only run you $2.75 [same as a subway ride].

Wine taste in the Hamptons: I still haven't managed to do the most classic summer activity for New Yorkers: visit the Hamptons. I'm changing that next month with a wine tasting day trip!

Watch a movie at Bryant Park: We have yet to do this but this summer - it's happening! All summer Bryant Park offers movies on the lawn every Monday night [through August]. 

See Manhattanhenge: This is my third summer in New York and each year, Joe and I vow to see Manhattanhege but never do it. This year we can't miss it. Manhattanhege is when the sunset is exactly aligned with the grid of streets in Manhattan. 

Wonder through a street fair: Manhattan is full of street fairs that span for several blocks. One of the first things Joe and I did the first time we visited New York. We bought spices and succulents. You'll never know what you'll find at these fairs.

What is on your summer bucket list?!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Sandos Playacar Beach Resort | An Honest Review

As many of you know, Joe & I went on our honeymoon last week in Riviera Maya, Mexico. We stayed at Sandos Playacar Beach Resort and I want to share my thoughts on the resort. 

We stayed for eight days at Sandos Playacar and stayed in a Premium Club Ocean Front Suite. From my research on Expedia, I could tell that the Premium Club offered slightly more but we mainly chose it for the ocean front view. The Trip Advisor reviews mention that these rooms were a little outdated and needed to be renovated - we chose to overlook this for the view.

Upon check in, we were offered cocktails and were invited to a "welcome breakfast" [which I thought was because I mentioned we were on our honeymoon]. We settled into our room, which was a decent size but they gave us two queen beds instead of a king [awkward]. 

The resort itself was nice and spread out. The area closest to the beach housed the premium club. There were two pools between the two buildings. The main pool is for all the guests and the smaller pool in front is for "members" [we'll get to that later]. There are several bars and a few restaurants scattered before reaching "the meeting point" - an area for groups to meet and also the best wifi. Just past the meeting point sits the outdoor theater for all of their nightly entertainment. There are two more restaurants and a little nightclub in the vicinity as well. 

From there, you can walk by the haciendas [where members stay], which are more secluded. Along the walk, you'll find the cat sanctuary and a spot for the donkey and goats. After wondering down a road, you'll reach the main lobby, with the adults only section on one side [swim up bar included] and the family section on the other side. The entire walk, from one end to the other, takes about 15 minutes. 

On our first morning, we wondered to the meeting point for our "welcome breakfast". Little did we know - this was a scam and was actually a timeshare presentation. The resort covets their "members" and several sections are members only. We quickly opted out of the members scam and went off to explore the town. 

This resort offers everything you'll typically find at an all inclusive - unlimited food and drinks, pools, nightly entertainment, and activities at the resort. The only additional feature we utilized was the spa. I got a pedicure and Joe and I got couples massages on the beach. The spa featured the beauty salon, gym, and hydrotherapy pools. We took advantage of the hydrotherapy pools for about 45 minutes before getting our massage. Overall our spa experience was relaxing but the music from the pool area was a little distracting during the massage. We also intended to try some of their fitness classes but I got a stomach infection midway through the trip and was trapped in our room. 

As for the food, all inclusive generally doesn't have the highest quality food. Breakfast was either the buffet or room service [24 hour room service was included with our room]. The selections for room service were minimal and I didn't love the buffet. Lunch was mainly the same. Dinner was a choice of restaurants in addition to the buffet. Sandos has a French restaurant, Italian restaurant, Mexican restaurant, Mexican to-go spot [similar to Chipotle], cupcake shop/coffee shop, Brazil restaurant, Steakhouse, and Asian spot. We didn't get a chance to try them all, as I got a stomach infection. From what I tried, Le Gourmet (the French option) was my favorite. Their filet mignon was actually decent! I also found their Mexican to-go option to be pretty good [they also made crepes there] and I loved the coffee shop - mainly for the good wifi and AC. 

This resort was made for families and large groups. They were always blasting dance music and there was plenty to do at the resort alone. That being said - this wasn't the most romantic and serene location for a honeymoon. We didn't feel that any aspect of the resort was "luxury". For us, we like a combination of excursions and downtime at the resort. This resort could have been a little more relaxing and not as hectic. 

Would I stay here again? Absolutely not. Between the timeshare scam and the stomach infection [I think it came from food or water at the resort], I didn't have a great experience, which is sad for our honeymoon! 

Is this resort right for you? Depends what you're looking for. Bachelorette parties, families, and large groups - this is your spot. Romantic couple getaways - maybe not so much. 

My final rating is 3/5

I'd love to hear your opinion if you've stayed at Sandos Playacar Beach Resort as well!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

5 Ways To Make Flowers Last One Month

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a floral design class by Michael Gaffney at the Kimpton Hotel Eventi. This celebrity florist has been in the business for over 15 years and shared some really useful tips to make your blooms last. Also, how beautiful is the bouquet I arranged?! [pictured above]

1. Pick Good Flowers: your flowers should be firm and bounce back; roses should be full [avoid tight, small buds]

2. Water Your Flowers: submerge your flowers under water for 30-45 minutes when you first get them; if you can't submerge the whole bouquet, dunk the head at least

3. Bleach: skip the flower food and go for two drops of bleach in your vase; this will kill the bacteria and remove most of the old flower odor

4. Wax Sealant: Michael said his magic spray is Crowning Glory. Use this wax sealant to keep the moisture in your bouquet. I ran home and ordered my bottle!

5. Trim Stems: cut a couple inches off the bottoms of your stems

Extra Tip for Hydrangeas:
Michael recommended picking up alum powder [from the spice section!] to bring hydrangeas back to life or make them last several weeks - add the powder to water and submerge the flowers in the water for an hour and a half to make them last two to three weeks.

Michael offers classes across the country and soon he'll be offering classes online!

What do you think of my arrangement?!

Saturday, May 26, 2018

What I'm Bringing On My Honeymoon

When you're reading this post, I will be on my honeymoon in Mexico!

Joe and I are spending a week in paradise and I can't wait to share loads of photos on Instagram. I'll definitely be putting up a travel guide and video diary when I get back.

I've slowly collected a few fun items for the trip and want to share for any summer vacation needs. 

BASIC BLACK BIKINI: Every girl needs a classic black swim suit - I scored this for under $10 during a Black Friday sale

RED ONE PIECE: Another sale find over the holidays; I love the rust color and cut outs on the side [currently on sale for under $20!]

BAMBOO PURSE: I've been eyeing this purse since last summer but haven't had a tropical vacation to bring it on

SUN HAT: I've also been wanting an excuse to wear one of these trendy hats!

PACKING CUBES: These may not be a new item but they are SO useful when packing for a long trip. My MIL got them for me for Christmas last year and I always use them to organize my items in my checked bag.

ROSE GOLD LUGGAGE: Right before our wedding, our large suitcase fell apart. We were lucky enough to receive some amazing carry on pieces but for this trip, I need the big guns. I picked up this rose gold beauty in a size large.

BLUE OFF THE SHOULDER BIKINI: Another Black Friday sale find for under $10 [also this site always has sales!]

BLUSH FLIP FLOPS: You can't go wrong with classic cheap flip flops & I love the blush color!

Have you been to Riviera Maya?! Leave your recommendations in the comments!


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

28 Things You Don't Know About Me | Birthday

It's my 28th birthday!

In honor of my birthday, I thought it would be fun to share 28 things you don't know about me. I always post a video on my birthday [this year is no exception] but I don't normally share a blog post - I wanted to change that this year!

Without further ado..

1. Pigs are my favorite animal - I hope to have one someday!
2. I'm an only child but growing up I wanted to be a twin so badly
3. Sabrina the Teenage Witch was one of my favorite shows growing up
4. I knew I was going to marry Joe less than a year into dating
5. I only wear about 25% of my wardrobe [I'm the worst at organizing my closet!]
6. I never thought I liked cities until I moved to New York
7. I have an unhealthy addiction to the Bachelor shows [currently bingeing Bachelor in Paradise Australia]
8. I've been to Costa Rica four times - I love the people & the beaches
9. I didn't get stung by a bee until I was 23 [and then I got stung four times in one month!]
10. Peanut butter & chocolate is my favorite combination
11. My childhood goldfish lived to be 13 [her name was Star]
12. My all time favorite date with Joe was going to the drive in movie theater
13. I love the idea of crafts but I'm not very good at them
14. I've had the same Subway sandwich order since I was 15
15. I cry every time I watch our wedding video
16. Roses are absolute favorite flower
17. I just bought my first luxury handbag for my birthday
18. I've struggled with insomnia since I was in elementary school
19. I've been to 18 states in the US
20. My husband AND my dad are geologists
21. I'm going on my honeymoon next week!
22. Fall is my favorite season
23. I've studied abroad three times in my life [Costa Rica in high school, Spain in college, and Italy in grad school]
24. I've already changed careers once
25. I love being born in late May because my birthday always falls around Memorial Day
26. I can't stand pineapple [unless it's SUPER fresh]
27. I love road trips 
28. I haven't driven [or owned a car] in almost three years

Share a fun fact about yourself in the comments!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Where I've Been | Life Update

Hello Everyone!

I can't believe it's been over a month since I last posted. Honestly I had no intention of taking of break - it just sort of happened. I've been wanting to post but figured a life update was the most appropriate thing to start with.

I'm definitely one of those people who feels like all of my posts need to be perfect - informative, captivating, and full of stunning imagery. That is an awesome goal but not always realistic. I'm hoping to start posting more often regardless of whether or not my content is perfect.

So...what have I been up to since early April? Lots! Back in the winter, Joe and I booked tons of spring/summer travel. I've already gone on a couple of our trips and they were probably the most tiring of the weekend trips. 

Our first trip was to Minnesota. We went the first weekend of May and visited a couple friend [who officiated our wedding!]. I used this trip to start my Weekend Warrior series on YouTube. This series will document my upcoming weekend trips. Our second trip was last weekend and we went to Disney World. Joe got me a GoPro for my birthday and we brought it [I got my gift a little early!]. We have SO much footage and the video might not come out for a bit. 

This weekend we're staying in town for my birthday [May 22]. I have plans with friends on Saturday and Joe on Sunday. I'll be documenting my birthday weekend and sharing it on my actual birthday next Tuesday!

In addition to our travels, I've been busy with work and just life. Joe has been working 60+ hours and it's been tough on us. Luckily our weekend trips are helping us escape reality and enjoy quality time with each other. 

I update most on Instagram so I highly recommend following along there in real time.

I promise more posts to come soon!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

How To Start Your Body Positive Journey

Ok here we go - I'm NOT body positive. I'm not accepting of my own body. I struggle with self-confidence every single day. Back in January, I tried to rebrand my blog and Instagram to be body positive and support this movement. Then I kind of didn't post much. I went back to my old comfortable posts of New York stoops and beautiful flowers. 

I didn't start sharing these posts because honestly didn't know what to say. I'm barely starting my journey and I falsely felt like I couldn't write about something without being "perfect" or at my end goal. But that's exactly how I got where I am today. I've always had a black and white mentality. Either everything or nothing. 

Last week I posted a photo on Instagram. I was nervous to post it but I knew I wanted to post more about body positivity. I was also nervous because I was sharing a product and I didn't know how the brand would feel. But I did it! I was incredibly honest and shared how I was working towards body respect [a stepping stone to becoming body positive] and how you should take however long to get there. At first I got my standard response - friends saying something nice and encouraging. Then the brand reposted my photo and a flood of amazing comments came in. It made me realize that I need to start my body positive series here! And I'm starting out with a few tips for beginning your journey. 

Find People Who Look Like You: As someone who grew up buried in magazines, I didn't see a single curve. Curvy/plus size models were not a thing like they are today [well we are getting there]. Now it's easier to find women who like me by browsing Instagram [so many curvy fashion bloggers!] and sometimes even in magazines. 

Learn: Utilize resources like books and podcasts. I started my journey by listening to the Food Psych Podcast - I still listen to it by the way. There are also tons of great books. I recommend Body Respect and Health At Every Size.

Surround Yourself With Like-Minded Friends: When we spend all of our time with people who bash their bodies, we tend to do the same. Try to find friends who focus on other aspects of life.

Those are a few tips for starting out. I'm still very early in my journey. My motto for this chapter of my life should really be progress not perfection. I definitely plan to share more on this topic in the future!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

How To Land Your Dream Job

Happy Wednesday!

If you've been following my career journey, you know that I changed fields and I'm really happy with where I landed. I've gone through some major struggles with pursuing something other than what I studied. But I did it. I can't imagine where I would be now if I hadn't made this change. 

Today I want to share a few tips I've learned after countless interviews [some good and some bad] and what specifically made a difference in getting me to my dream job.

1. Connect On LinkedIn: Seek out professionals in the job or field you want to be in. I recommend looking up other alumni from your university. Check out the companies they work for. Look at their career progression. Send them a message and see if you can connect over e-mail, phone, or even a coffee chat. 

2. Master Your Story: It takes some practice but the best thing you can do is learn the most efficient and effective way to share your story. Every interview I've ever had: tell me about your background. I learned to consolidate my story and emphasize the significant points. Practice with a friend or family member! It'll get easier explaining your background and how you became passionate about your chosen field.

3. Network: Networking has helped me out immensely. I landed my first professional job right after graduating from undergrad by networking months prior to graduation. When switching careers, I engaged with everyone I could find to learn more and look for potential opportunities. 

4. Be Unique: Figure out what makes you special. What unique experience do you bring to the table? How might your perspective and skills be different than the average candidate?

5. Always Be Nice: You are bound to deal with rejection. You'll inevitably be overlooked or forgotten about at some point in your job search. Do not let this detour you. Hiring teams aren't trying to be rude or inconsiderate; they just have a lot on their plate. Always be nice. Always be considerate. Say thank you. Be flexible. That may just make a difference. [BUT never let anyone walk all over you!]

6. Closed Mouths Don't Get Fed: Follow up. This is key. Don't expect a nice thank you note to result in an offer but always send an email indicating that you're grateful and express why you want the position. Maybe mention any gaps or address a weakness from your interview and how you can improve it. Then be respectful and wait a decent amount of time before checking in. Speaking up, at appropriate times, can make all the difference.

7. Stay Positive: Landing your dream job isn't easy. Be gentle with yourself and remind yourself that you are doing the best you can. There are tons of reasons why you may not get a particular opportunity [ahem internal hires]. Keep your chin up because your dream job is right around the corner.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Easter Brunch at Fell stone Manor

On Saturday, Joe and I attended the loveliest Easter brunch at Fell Stone Manor

Fell Stone Manor is tucked away in Hampton, New Jersey. They host weddings, offer farm to table dining and have chickens! 

This weekend they hosted a private Easter brunch in their barn. 

All the food was prepared by their executive Chef Becky Geisel. From pear and brie tarts to filet mignon tea sandwiches to sea salt caramel macaroons, this brunch was delectable.

Fatty Cakes provided cute little Easter cookies in a jar & White Girl Rose represented with their signature wine and cans of bubbly.

I loved all of the little details! The rustic vibes, teacups, and hay barrels. If Joe and I got married again, it would definitely be at Fell Stone Manor!

Thank you for the invite, Fell Stone Manor!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Things To Do In New York In The Spring

Let's face it: spring in New York won't be a warm one this year. We're already nearing the end of March and there is still some snow on the ground. 

Recently my in laws visited for a weekend. We had just experienced a snow storm and were forced to find more indoor activities. Luckily New York is filled with indoor options - from museums to Broadway shows. 

Here are my favorite things to do in spring:

Broadway Shows: You can't go wrong with a Broadway hit. We usually buy our tickets discounted on TodayTix. Joe and I also recently saw the off Broadway show: In & Of Itself [kind of a magic show but so much more]. It was incredible! They sell rush tickets every day at 6PM for $30 cash/ticket. 

One World Observatory: For an incredible view of the city, check out the One World Observatory. You can stay warm while seeing the city. I've also heard amazing things about the 9/11 museum downstairs.

Museums: My favorites are the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met), American Museum of Natural History, and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa). 

Comedy & Improv Shows: Comedy Shows are always a fun option. We took my in laws to the Comedy Cellar. We also really like Caroline's On Broadway. For a more budget-friendly option, try an improv show at UCB (Amy Poehler's club!). 

Botanical Gardens: Both botanical gardens have beautiful flowers in the spring. The New York Botanical Garden [Bronx] has their indoor orchid show. The Brooklyn Botanical Garden has cherry blossoms at the end of April. 

Neighborhood Walks: Walking around always warms me up; just remember to bring a jacket. I love exploring new neighborhoods and getting some Instagram photos. My favorite neighborhoods to wonder around are the Upper East Side [my old home!], Greenwich Village, and Brooklyn Heights [also the Brooklyn Bridge]. I always make sure to get some stoop photos and visit cute coffee shops for warm up.

What are your favorite spring activities in New York?


Friday, March 16, 2018

The Weekly Recap: March 16

TGIF! After a long week, I'm so ready for a relaxing weekend!

• Joe's parents visited last weekend
• We visited the One World Observatory and Met on Saturday
• On Saturday night, we saw a show at the Comedy Cellar & Judah from 30 Rock was there!
• We checked brunch at Beauty & Essex off the bucket list - it was amazing
• Joe and I took his parents to the Natural History Museum on Sunday 
• I took a spin class at Flywheel, which was one of my Upper East Side favorites

Weekend Plans:
Saturday: TBD!
Sunday: TBD!

Throwback Post
Florence Guide: One Day: The travel bug is all too real! I really want to take Joe to Europe, especially Italy. 


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• How to Build Your Creative Empire [Don't Keep Your Day Job]

Song Of The Week

Monday, March 12, 2018

My Favorite Restaurants in Jersey City

Over the weekend, Joe's parents visited us in Jersey City. We've been here for over six months now so  of course we wanted to bring them to some of our favorite restaurants. This made me think about the places we love to dine and I figured I'd share.

Razza: This was the first spot we took Joe's parents to--their pizza was named the best pizza in New York in New Jersey! Their brick oven pizza was great but their bread and butter really stole the show. The bread and butter are both house-made and perfect!

Taqueria Downtown: As California transplants, we can be picky when it comes to Mexican food. Taqueria Downtown is decent--we like the guac and tacos. This spot is no frills but upbeat. It's a small joint so it's usually packed but the service is quick. 

Left Bank Burger Bar: If you're looking for a casual spot for burgers and beer, this place is for you. We've taken both sets of our parents here and everyone has really enjoyed it. I'm pretty easy to please with burgers and get their bankrupt burger--basically a cheeseburger. Joe really likes their ahi burger. We hope to hit up their happy hour soon!

Brownstone Diner: Pancake lovers rejoice. Joe and I love this spot for stacks of pancakes on a snowy weekend morning. This diner has been around Jersey City for ages and offers tons of delightful breakfast options. Be prepared to wait a bit for your table though. 

Porta: Another pizza joint. Right by the Grove Street Path, you'll find this delicious pizzeria. I love the ambiance and their quality food.

Wonder Bagels: For my bagel lovers: Wonder Bagels is better than some of my New York staples. Their bagels are huge and fluffy. Joe also really likes their steak and egg breakfast burritos.

Bang Cookies: These cookies are so good and you can order them online! Free local delivery on orders of 4+.  

Any spots I should add to the list? I'd love some suggestions!

Friday, March 9, 2018

The Weekly Recap: March 9

Wow this week has been exhausting! From the snow storm to mounds of work, I'm so happy it's Friday.

• Joe and I ventured into Brooklyn on Sunday: we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, went to the Brooklyn Cat Cafe and snapped some Insta-worthy stoop photos
• We also went Sweet Moment in Chinatown--the drinks were almost too cute to drink
• I tried a dance class at Alvin Ailey with my coworkers
• We had a huge snow storm on Wednesday and I spent the day working from my couch
• Joe and I actually made a nice dinner midweek--filet mignon, mashed potatoes, and roasted broccoli 
• We're diving into season 2 of Jessica Jones on Netflix

Weekend Plans:
Joe's parents are visiting!
Saturday: We're hitting up One World Observatory and seeing a show at the Village Underground that night
Sunday: Brunch at Beauty & Essex then a visit to the Natural History Museum

Throwback Post
Our Wedding Photos: I've been sharing our wedding photos with my new coworkers this week. It reminded me of all the fun details and photos! I'll always enjoy going through my favorites. 


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• 5 Big Lies That Are Holding You Back [The Goal Digger Podcast, Episode 131]

Song Of The Week

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