Wednesday, January 3, 2018

10 Ways To Treat Yourself This Winter

Every year winter is a struggle for me. We spend less time outside, we have to deal with snow and/or rain, and it can be easy not to do things for yourself. Today I am sharing 10 ways you can treat yourself this winter.

1. Practice Yoga: We sit far too much in the winter so yoga is an excellent way to get out of that and stretch our muscles. I know yoga studios can get pricey but you don't need to go to studio or gym to take a class. You can easily find a YouTube video--I highly recommend Yoga with Adriene
2. Get A Massage: This one is by far my favorite. I honestly wish I took the time to get massages more often. If you're looking for a more affordable massage, I love Massage Envy (I was a member for three years) or Groupon.  
3. Read A Good Book: I find that I never take the time to actually read anymore. Reading can be so calming and relaxing. I challenge you to read at least one new book this winter; I'll do the same.
4. Do A Face Mask: Either you go get a facial or do a face mask at home, taking care of your skin during these cold, dry months is essential. 
5. Burn Candles: This is a simple one yet always puts me in a good mood.
6. Take A Staycation: Later this month, Joe and I are going on a staycation. It was a totally spontaneous discussion. We booked a hotel in Manhattan and plan to spend one night enjoying the city. I can't wait.
7. Make A Hot Cocoa Bar: Over the holidays, I took some items I already had and created a cute hot cocoa cart--I plan to use this all winter. Gather hot cocoa mixes, toppings, mugs, and some sort of cart or small table and you have a hot cocoa bar.
8. Have A Pamper Night: This one ties in with doing a face mask. For a full pamper night, take a bath, sip tea, do a face mask, and maybe do your nails. Treat yourself to a full night of self-care. 
9. See A Movie: One of my favorite things to do, with friends or solo, is going to a movie. I love the entire experience of seeing a film on the big screen, especially if they have reclining seats!
10. Fresh Flowers: Flowers are the ultimate little luxury. Whenever I need a pick me up, I buy myself flowers.


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