Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Viceroy Central Park New York Hotel Review

Last weekend Joe and I went on a staycation in New York City. We currently live in Jersey City but miss our Upper East Side days so we figured a hotel in the city would be the perfect weekend getaway. We booked through Priceline and opted for 5 stars by Central Park. We were placed at the Viceroy Central Park, which is two blocks from Central Park!

We stayed for one night [Saturday night] and kept all of our activities within walking distance so we could fully relax. We went to a comedy show at Caroline's on Broadway, visited the singing diner--Ellen's Stardust Diner, walked around Central Park, and had brunch at the Met Opera [post coming soon!]. 

Our room was on the 25th floor but unfortunately, it faced away from Central Park [otherwise our view would have been insane!]. I will say this made our room extremely quiet, which is a treat in the city. 

The bathroom was the most aesthetically pleasing part of the room. It was stunning! Marble & gold--right up my alley. Aside from it's appearance, there wasn't much special about the bathroom. The stone floors made your feet cold. Thankfully slippers were included [along with robes]. 

There was also no bathtub [my favorite on vacation] BUT the rain shower head had amazing pressure so my shower will still really pleasant. 

The bed was insanely comfortable. I was worried the bed may not actually be comfortable because the look of the room was modern and chic--I thought it may not be cozy. The bed was so nice you could just melt into it. I also love that the individual lights are above your head so it's perfect for reading at night without disturbing anyone else. 

Next to my side of the bed, in the cabinet, was the cutest coffee setup and mini bar. I love how this was tucked away, as to not disturb the aesthetic of the room but keeps it still functional. 

I do have to warn you--a lot of the goodies in the room will cost you. Bottled water? $8 Mini bottle of wine? $35 We were extremely careful to not even get close to any items we might get charged for. Also, the only fridge was a mini fridge and we didn't want to risk any unexpected charges so we didn't even bring back drinks or leftovers. 

All in all: the room was really nice. Especially for a hotel room in New York City. It was surprisingly spacious! 

We obviously had to check out the rooftop bar. The bar is located on the 29th floor. There is an indoor area as well as an enclosed open area. Perfect for enjoying a rooftop bar in the winter. There wasn't a ton of seating and most of it was reserved for supposed reservations. We were told we could sit until the reservation arrived [which never happened]. The bar has the perfect view of Central Park.

Check out this view!

Joe went with one of the seasonal favorites--Hot Toddy. I opted for a classic Moscow Mule. They were both on the pricey side [~$20/drink] but delicious! 

Overall we really enjoyed the Viceroy New York and recommend staying here! The concierge was also great with letting us leave our bags after checkout while we wondered around the city. 

I hope to stay at some of their other destinations [latin America perhaps?!] in the future! 

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