Wednesday, May 30, 2018

5 Ways To Make Flowers Last One Month

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a floral design class by Michael Gaffney at the Kimpton Hotel Eventi. This celebrity florist has been in the business for over 15 years and shared some really useful tips to make your blooms last. Also, how beautiful is the bouquet I arranged?! [pictured above]

1. Pick Good Flowers: your flowers should be firm and bounce back; roses should be full [avoid tight, small buds]

2. Water Your Flowers: submerge your flowers under water for 30-45 minutes when you first get them; if you can't submerge the whole bouquet, dunk the head at least

3. Bleach: skip the flower food and go for two drops of bleach in your vase; this will kill the bacteria and remove most of the old flower odor

4. Wax Sealant: Michael said his magic spray is Crowning Glory. Use this wax sealant to keep the moisture in your bouquet. I ran home and ordered my bottle!

5. Trim Stems: cut a couple inches off the bottoms of your stems

Extra Tip for Hydrangeas:
Michael recommended picking up alum powder [from the spice section!] to bring hydrangeas back to life or make them last several weeks - add the powder to water and submerge the flowers in the water for an hour and a half to make them last two to three weeks.

Michael offers classes across the country and soon he'll be offering classes online!

What do you think of my arrangement?!

Saturday, May 26, 2018

What I'm Bringing On My Honeymoon

When you're reading this post, I will be on my honeymoon in Mexico!

Joe and I are spending a week in paradise and I can't wait to share loads of photos on Instagram. I'll definitely be putting up a travel guide and video diary when I get back.

I've slowly collected a few fun items for the trip and want to share for any summer vacation needs. 

BASIC BLACK BIKINI: Every girl needs a classic black swim suit - I scored this for under $10 during a Black Friday sale

RED ONE PIECE: Another sale find over the holidays; I love the rust color and cut outs on the side [currently on sale for under $20!]

BAMBOO PURSE: I've been eyeing this purse since last summer but haven't had a tropical vacation to bring it on

SUN HAT: I've also been wanting an excuse to wear one of these trendy hats!

PACKING CUBES: These may not be a new item but they are SO useful when packing for a long trip. My MIL got them for me for Christmas last year and I always use them to organize my items in my checked bag.

ROSE GOLD LUGGAGE: Right before our wedding, our large suitcase fell apart. We were lucky enough to receive some amazing carry on pieces but for this trip, I need the big guns. I picked up this rose gold beauty in a size large.

BLUE OFF THE SHOULDER BIKINI: Another Black Friday sale find for under $10 [also this site always has sales!]

BLUSH FLIP FLOPS: You can't go wrong with classic cheap flip flops & I love the blush color!

Have you been to Riviera Maya?! Leave your recommendations in the comments!


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

28 Things You Don't Know About Me | Birthday

It's my 28th birthday!

In honor of my birthday, I thought it would be fun to share 28 things you don't know about me. I always post a video on my birthday [this year is no exception] but I don't normally share a blog post - I wanted to change that this year!

Without further ado..

1. Pigs are my favorite animal - I hope to have one someday!
2. I'm an only child but growing up I wanted to be a twin so badly
3. Sabrina the Teenage Witch was one of my favorite shows growing up
4. I knew I was going to marry Joe less than a year into dating
5. I only wear about 25% of my wardrobe [I'm the worst at organizing my closet!]
6. I never thought I liked cities until I moved to New York
7. I have an unhealthy addiction to the Bachelor shows [currently bingeing Bachelor in Paradise Australia]
8. I've been to Costa Rica four times - I love the people & the beaches
9. I didn't get stung by a bee until I was 23 [and then I got stung four times in one month!]
10. Peanut butter & chocolate is my favorite combination
11. My childhood goldfish lived to be 13 [her name was Star]
12. My all time favorite date with Joe was going to the drive in movie theater
13. I love the idea of crafts but I'm not very good at them
14. I've had the same Subway sandwich order since I was 15
15. I cry every time I watch our wedding video
16. Roses are absolute favorite flower
17. I just bought my first luxury handbag for my birthday
18. I've struggled with insomnia since I was in elementary school
19. I've been to 18 states in the US
20. My husband AND my dad are geologists
21. I'm going on my honeymoon next week!
22. Fall is my favorite season
23. I've studied abroad three times in my life [Costa Rica in high school, Spain in college, and Italy in grad school]
24. I've already changed careers once
25. I love being born in late May because my birthday always falls around Memorial Day
26. I can't stand pineapple [unless it's SUPER fresh]
27. I love road trips 
28. I haven't driven [or owned a car] in almost three years

Share a fun fact about yourself in the comments!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Where I've Been | Life Update

Hello Everyone!

I can't believe it's been over a month since I last posted. Honestly I had no intention of taking of break - it just sort of happened. I've been wanting to post but figured a life update was the most appropriate thing to start with.

I'm definitely one of those people who feels like all of my posts need to be perfect - informative, captivating, and full of stunning imagery. That is an awesome goal but not always realistic. I'm hoping to start posting more often regardless of whether or not my content is perfect.

So...what have I been up to since early April? Lots! Back in the winter, Joe and I booked tons of spring/summer travel. I've already gone on a couple of our trips and they were probably the most tiring of the weekend trips. 

Our first trip was to Minnesota. We went the first weekend of May and visited a couple friend [who officiated our wedding!]. I used this trip to start my Weekend Warrior series on YouTube. This series will document my upcoming weekend trips. Our second trip was last weekend and we went to Disney World. Joe got me a GoPro for my birthday and we brought it [I got my gift a little early!]. We have SO much footage and the video might not come out for a bit. 

This weekend we're staying in town for my birthday [May 22]. I have plans with friends on Saturday and Joe on Sunday. I'll be documenting my birthday weekend and sharing it on my actual birthday next Tuesday!

In addition to our travels, I've been busy with work and just life. Joe has been working 60+ hours and it's been tough on us. Luckily our weekend trips are helping us escape reality and enjoy quality time with each other. 

I update most on Instagram so I highly recommend following along there in real time.

I promise more posts to come soon!

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