Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bonding with Buffalo in Italy

Another favorite stop on my Italy trip was visiting a Buffalo Farm on the way back from the Amalfi Coast. Prior to our trip, our professor went on and on about the luxurious lives they buffalos lived. They spend the day with their buffalo friends, they eat when they want, they choose when they want to be milked, and they even listen to classical music. The best part: they have massage machines!

These buffalo have the best lives. This is thought to be the reason why their milk is the best in Italy. The farm actually only produces fresh cheeses and products to be consumed within the same day. 

Our group stopped at the cafe after. I opted for the chocolate pudding (it was INSANE). I also picked up their version of nutella. Who can say no to buffalo nutella?! [funny story: it was almost confiscated by airport security!]. 

This visit was amazing. I highly recommend checking out Vannulo if you can!

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